Chapter 9.22


9.22.010    Conduct prohibited.

9.22.020    Littering and pollution.

9.22.030    Graffiti prohibited.

9.22.010 Conduct prohibited.

The following statutes of the state of Washington are hereby adopted by reference as they now exist or hereafter may be amended:

A. RCW 9.03.010, Abandoning, discarding, refrigeration equipment.

B. RCW 9.03.020, Permitting unused equipment to remain on premises.

C. RCW 9.03.040, Keeping or storing equipment for sale.

D. RCW 9.91.010, Denial of civil rights – Terms defined.

E. RCW 9.91.020, Operating railroad, steamboat, vehicle, etc., while intoxicated.

F. RCW 9.91.025, Unlawful bus conduct.

G. RCW 9.91.130, Disposal of trash in charity donation receptacle.

H. RCW 9.91.140, Food stamps – Unlawful sale.

I. RCW 9.91.150, Tree spiking.

J. RCW 9.91.170, Interfering with dog guide or service animal.

K. RCW 9.91.175, Interfering with search and rescue dog.

L. RCW 70.74.160, Unlawful access to explosives.

M. RCW 70.74.295, Abandonment of explosives.

N. RCW 70.74.310, Gas bombs, explosives, stink bombs.

O. RCW 70.77.255, Fireworks – Acts prohibited without appropriate licenses/permits.

P. RCW 70.77.485, Unlawful possession of fireworks – Penalties.

Q. RCW 70.77.488, Unlawful discharge or use of fireworks – Penalties.

R. RCW 70.77.510, Unlawful sales or transfers of display fireworks – Penalties.

S. RCW 70.77.515, Unlawful sales or transfers of consumer fireworks – Penalties.

T. RCW 70.77.517, Unlawful transportation of fireworks – Penalty.

U. RCW 70.77.520, Unlawful to permit fire nuisance where fireworks kept – Penalty.

V. RCW 77.15.460, Loaded firearm in vehicle – Unlawful use or possession.

W. RCW 9.08.070, Pet animals – Taking, concealing, injury, killing, etc. – Penalty.

X. RCW 81.48.020, Obstructing or delaying train – Penalty. (Ord. 3536 § 14, 2011).

9.22.020 Littering and pollution.

The following statutes of the state of Washington are hereby adopted by reference as they now exist or hereafter may be amended:

A. RCW 70.54.010, Polluting water supply.

B. RCW 70.54.020, Furnishing impure water – Penalty.

C. RCW 70.54.050, Exposing contagious disease – Penalty.

D. RCW 70.54.060, Ambulances and drivers.

E. RCW 70.54.065, Ambulances and drivers – Penalty.

F. RCW 70.54.070, Door of public buildings to swing outward – Penalty.

G. RCW 70.54.090, Attachment of objects to utility poles – Penalty.

H. RCW 70.74.010, Definitions.

I. RCW 70.74.300, Explosive containers to be marked – Penalty.

J. RCW 70.74.400, Seizure and forfeiture.

K. RCW 70.74.410, Reporting theft or loss of explosives.

L. RCW 70.93.060, Littering. (Ord. 3536 § 14, 2011).

9.22.030 Graffiti prohibited.

It shall be unlawful for any person to write, paint, or draw upon any wall, rock, bridge, building, fence, gate, vehicle, sign, road surface or other structure, tree, or other real or personal property, either publicly or privately owned, any drawing, inscription, figure or mark of the type which is commonly known and referred to as “graffiti” within the city. Violation of this section shall be considered a gross misdemeanor and shall be punishable as set forth in MVMC 1.20.010. (Ord. 3536 § 14, 2011).