Chapter 2.110


2.110.010    Conclusion and goals.

2.110.020    CBD Economic Development Committee.

2.110.010 Conclusion and goals.

The suggested conclusion, and the goals of implementation and major sub-goals, as recommended in the study, are hereby adopted as policy and direction for the stimulation and vitalization of the Mountlake Terrace Central Business District.

The suggested conclusion from the study is that stimulation of commercial and other business activity in the Mountlake Terrace Central Business District (CBD) is a practical and viable objective for the City Government to undertake; provided, that such increased activity is consistent with community perceptions of the character of the City; that the residents and business community be fully informed of the nature of the undertaking; that the City Council, Planning Commission, and staff ensure adequate control over changes undertaken, and respond adequately to questions and concerns; that a logical and consistent program be undertaken to stimulate change by positively influencing the environment for commercial and business activity; and that the present limited vitality of the CBD and the need to convey business opportunity to the regional business community be recognized.

The goals of implementation, and major sub-goals include the following:

A. Improve Access to and Circulation Within CBD. 228th St. Bridge, across Terrace Creek Park Ramp Road from 236th/Interstate 5 to 234th – 58th.

B. Upgrade and Expand CBD.

1. Encourage small, low-cost office and service activities by converting residences in CBD frame.

2. Encourage and provide service and recreation uses that would meet known community desires (restaurants, movies, etc.) and make multiple use of existing parking areas.

3. Consider high-rise office building(s) if demand for same can be confirmed, and in so doing demonstrate community desire to retain and attract larger businesses (commercial, office, service, and/or light industrial), and also to create a visible identity from Interstate 5.

4. Improve appearance and convenience by marketing activities, plantings, walkways, underground utilities;

C. Involve community in considering and implementing these changes, by establishing policies and programs for information and involvement.

D. Provide opportunity for commercial activity on access routes out of City to other commercial areas to reduce excessive sales leakage. (Ord. 1134 § 1, 1977).

2.110.020 CBD Economic Development Committee.

To select and recommend the appropriate strategies from among those proposed in the study or otherwise, and to mobilize a community effort to achieve the adopted goals, a CBD Economic Development Committee is hereby formed. The Committee is to be composed of three Council members and six private citizens, each serving for a two-year term commencing March 1, 1977. The Committee members shall be nominated by the Mayor and confirmed by the City Council. The citizen members shall be business persons, commercial property owners, and/or residents of the City at the time of their appointment and during their term of office. The Committee shall provide for its organization and rules of procedure. The City Manager shall provide staff and clerical assistance necessary for the Committee’s operations. (Ord. 1134 § 2, 1977).