Chapter 2.62


2.62.010    Created.

2.62.020    Committee membership.

2.62.030    Compensation.

2.62.040    Committee officers – Meetings – Quorum.

2.62.050    Purpose – Duties – Responsibilities.

2.62.060    Progress reports.

2.62.070    Work completion.

2.62.010 Created.

A Mountlake Terrace Historical Committee is hereby created for the purpose set forth in MTMC 2.62.050. (Ord. 2210 § 1, 1999).

2.62.020 Committee membership.

The Committee shall consist of up to nine members, appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the City Council. Appointments shall expire on December 31, 2004, following the City’s fiftieth anniversary. Vacancies shall be filled in the same manner as original appointments, considering any recommendations from the Mountlake Terrace Historical Committee.

Regular attendance by members is necessary for the efficient operation and effective completion of business. Three nonexcused absences from regular meetings in a calendar year shall constitute an automatic resignation from the Committee. A member may request to be excused from a meeting by the Mountlake Historical Committee either before or after the absence occurs. Upon request of a Committee member and considering any recommendations from the Mountlake Terrace Historical Committee, the Mayor, with the confirmation of the City Council, may make a temporary appointment to replace a Committee member who will be absent from meetings for a prolonged period.

A pool of nonvoting volunteer members may be established by the Mountlake Terrace Historical Committee to assist them in preserving and in the presentation of the history of Mountlake Terrace. The need for nonvoting, volunteer members will be determined by the Committee and applicants will be recruited and selected by the Committee. The pool of experienced volunteers shall receive first consideration by the Mayor for filling vacancies on the Historical Committee. (Ord. 2210 § 2, 1999).

2.62.030 Compensation.

No Committee member shall receive any compensation from the City for his or her service on the Committee. If approved in the City budget, Committee members shall be reimbursed for authorized operational expenses on proof of receipts. (Ord. 2210 § 3, 1999).

2.62.040 Committee officers – Meetings – Quorum.

The Committee shall select from among their members a chairman and vice chairman, and such other officers as may be necessary, who shall serve in that capacity for a one-year term commencing the first meeting of the year. It shall be the duty of the chairman to preside at all meetings of the Committee. A majority of the Committee shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business, and majority affirmative votes shall be necessary to carry any proposition. The chairman shall cast the deciding vote if there is a tie vote among the other members. Committee meeting minutes shall be submitted to the City Clerk after each meeting. (Ord. 2210 § 4, 1999).

2.62.050 Purpose – Duties – Responsibilities.

The purpose of the Mountlake Terrace Historical Committee is to gather, preserve, and utilize historical documents, photographs, and memorabilia for the City’s participation in the Snohomish County Heritage 2000 program; the publishing of a history of Mountlake Terrace to commemorate the City’s fiftieth anniversary in 2004; and to produce a heritage plan for the continual work of preserving the history of our City for future generations.

The Mountlake Terrace Historical Committee’s mission statement is as follows:

A. Producing public programs, exhibits, and written materials to encourage past and present citizens to join in the Committee’s work by sharing relevant materials, including tape and video recorded memories.

B. Cooperation with schools, community groups, and businesses in their efforts to educate the public and promote interest in the history of the City.

C. Planning for the inclusion of Mountlake Terrace history in the County’s Heritage 2000 program.

D. Responsible stewardship of the historic materials in the Committee’s care including education of Committee members and pool of volunteer members in the standards of archival preservation and grant applications.

E. Careful cataloging and organization of materials for efficient study of the collection.

F. Production of a heritage plan by the year 2004 to continue work of preserving the history of the City for after the City’s fiftieth anniversary. (Ord. 2210 § 5, 1999).

2.62.060 Progress reports.

Annually the Mountlake Terrace Historical Committee shall report to the City Council on the progress being made. The chairman and other Committee members may give the City Council additional information or make requests throughout the year if a need arises. (Ord. 2210 § 6, 1999).

2.62.070 Work completion.

The Committee’s major work should be completed on December 31, 2004, following the City’s fiftieth anniversary. The continuation of the Committee shall be reassessed in the spring of 2005 by the City Council, considering any recommendations from the Mountlake Terrace Historical Committee, and shall include the mission statement heritage plan of how best to continue to preserve the history of the City. (Ord. 2210 § 7, 1999).