Chapter 2.70


2.70.010    Appointment.

2.70.020    Supervision.

2.70.030    Payment.

2.70.040    Chief of police responsibilities.

2.70.050    Duties – Powers.

2.70.010 Appointment.

The City Manager, at his discretion, may appoint not more than 30 reserve patrolmen to the City Police Department. (Ord. 49 § 1, 1955).

2.70.020 Supervision.

Said reserve patrolmen shall at all times be under the direction and control of the City Manager and the Chief of Police, and may be discharged at the pleasure of the City Manager. (Ord. 49 § 2, 1955).

2.70.030 Payment.

Each reserve patrolman shall receive payment for each tour of duty as provided in the budget. (Ord. 582, 1968; Ord. 49 § 3, 1955).

2.70.040 Chief of police responsibilities.

The Chief of Police, subject to the supervision of the City Manager, shall be responsible for the training, discipline and control of all reserve patrolmen, and shall promulgate reasonable rules and regulations to effect the aforesaid purposes. (Ord. 49 § 5, 1955).

2.70.050 Duties – Powers.

Reserve patrolmen, as herein provided, shall have all the powers and duties of regular deputies of the Police Chief while they are in performance of official duties, but under no circumstances shall said reserve patrolmen exercise any powers while not in performance of duties ordered by the Chief of Police or by one of his regular deputies. (Ord. 49 § 6, 1955).