Chapter 3.80


3.80.010    Contribution authorized.

3.80.020    Additional contribution.

3.80.030    Board of Trustees.

3.80.040    Board officials designated.

3.80.050    Board regulations.

3.80.060    Board responsibilities.

3.80.070    Appointment of physician.

3.80.080    Enrollment in Fire Department required.

3.80.090    Examination by appointed physician required.

3.80.010 Contribution authorized.

In accordance with the Laws of the State of Washington of 1945, Chapter 261, as amended, there is hereby authorized the contribution to the Volunteer Firemen’s Relief and Pension Fund of the State of Washington. (Ord. 581, 1968; Ord. 69 § 1, 1956).

3.80.020 Additional contribution.

There is hereby authorized the contribution to the Volunteer Firemen’s Relief and Pension Fund of the State of Washington the sum of $10.00 per year for each volunteer fireman regularly enrolled, who has elected to qualify under the retirement provisions of said Act, said contribution to be in addition to that provided for in MTMC 3.80.010. (Ord. 70, 1956; Ord. 69 § 1-A, 1956).

3.80.030 Board of Trustees.

There is hereby created a Board of Trustees for the administration of claims made under the provisions of this chapter, which said Board shall consist of the City Manager, the City Clerk, one Councilman to be designated by the City Council, the Chief of the Fire Department, and one member of the Fire Department to be elected by the members of the Fire Department for a term of one year and annually thereafter. (Ord. 69 § 2, 1956).

3.80.040 Board officials designated.

The City Manager shall be the Chairman of the Board of Trustees, and the City Clerk shall be the Secretary-Treasurer of the Board of Trustees. The said Secretary shall keep a public record of all proceedings of the Board of Trustees and shall make an annual report of its expenses and disbursements with a full list of the beneficiaries of the fund, all on such forms as may be directed by the Auditor of the state of Washington. (Ord. 69 § 3, 1956).

3.80.050 Board regulations.

The Board of Trustees may make all necessary rules and regulations for the conduct of its business in conformity with the provisions of this chapter and the aforesaid Act, and shall meet on the call of its chairman on a regular monthly meeting day when there is business to come before it. The chairman shall be required to call a meeting on any regular meeting day at the request of any member of the fund or a beneficiary claiming any relief compensation therefrom. (Ord. 69 § 4, 1956).

3.80.060 Board responsibilities.

The Board of Trustees shall receive all applications for enrollment of all members of the Fire Department; provide for disbursements of relief and compensation; and pass on all claims and direct payment thereof from the Volunteer Firemen’s Relief and Pension Fund to those entitled thereto. Vouchers shall be signed by the chairman and the Secretary of the Board and issued to the persons entitled thereto for the amount of money ordered paid to them from the fund by the Board, which voucher shall state for what purpose the payment is made. It shall send to the State Board, after each meeting, a list of all persons entitled to payment from the fund, stating the amount of such payment and for what granted, which list shall be certified and signed by the chairman and Secretary of the Board, and attested under oath. However, in disability pension cases, after the initial payment is made to the beneficiary, no further action of the Board of Trustees shall be necessary. (Ord. 69 § 5, 1956).

3.80.070 Appointment of physician.

The Board of Trustees shall make provisions for the employment of a regularly licensed practicing physician for the examination of persons making application for membership in the Fire Department. Such appointed physician shall visit and examine all sick and injured firemen, perform such services and operations, and render all medical aid and care necessary for the recovery of firemen on account of sickness or disability received while in the performance of duty. Such appointed physician shall be paid his fees from the aforesaid fund, but not in excess of the schedule of fees for like services approved by the Director of Labor and Industries of the state of Washington. (Ord. 69 § 6, 1956).

3.80.080 Enrollment in Fire Department required.

All volunteer firemen shall, prior to their entry upon any duties of their position, be enrolled as members of the Fire Department upon such forms as the Board of Trustees may direct. (Ord. 69 § 7, 1956).

3.80.090 Examination by appointed physician required.

No person shall be enrolled as a volunteer fireman until he has been examined by the regularly appointed physician employed by the Board of Trustees, and, in any event, the membership of the Volunteer Fire Department shall not exceed 25 firemen for each 1,000 population or fraction thereof, as determined by the last preceding state census. (Ord. 69 § 8, 1956).