Chapter 5.55


5.55.010    Purpose.

5.55.020    Written agreement required.

5.55.030    Approval by City Council.

5.55.040    Charge.

5.55.050    Approval of equipment required.

5.55.060    Council makes and enforces regulations.

5.55.070    Compliance required – Certificate of public need and necessity.

5.55.080    Violation.

5.55.010 Purpose.

The ordinance codified in this chapter is passed to provide regulation of the business of garbage collection and to provide revenue for the operation of necessary City functions. (Ord. 1395 § 7, 1981).

5.55.020 Written agreement required.

No person, association or corporation shall engage in the business of hauling or transporting garbage, refuse, rubbish, cans or discarded bottles within the City of Mountlake Terrace or in gathering the same within said City for transfer or disposal at some point or area inside or outside of the City without obtaining a written agreement with the City therefor, and complying with the regulations of the City in the pursuit of said business, and providing the collection service as provided by City ordinances. (Ord. 1395 § 1, 1981).

5.55.030 Approval by City Council.

Collector agreements shall be approved by the City Council. Before such approval, the City Manager or his agent shall investigate the trucks and equipment proposed to be used, and shall not approve the same for use under the proposed agreement unless he shall find that the use thereof will adequately contain all garbage, refuse, etc., during such hauling, and that the reasonable use thereof will protect the health and welfare of the inhabitants of the City and will not lead to the loss or distribution of garbage or refuse, etc., within such City. (Ord. 1395 § 2, 1981).

5.55.040 Charge.

A percentage of the service billings shall be charged by the City as provided by the Utilities Fund Ordinance, in lieu of billing costs and/or taxes. (Ord. 1395 § 3, 1981).

5.55.050 Approval of equipment required.

No contractor shall use, to collect or haul garbage, any trucks or equipment not approved by the City Manager for regular use within the City or for temporary use in cases of emergency without special permission therefore being granted. (Ord. 1395 § 4, 1981).

5.55.060 Council makes and enforces regulations.

The City Council shall have the authority to make and require enforcement of reasonable rules and regulations and to modify and change the same from time to time, regulating the manner of collecting, removing, hauling, and disposal of garbage, etc., within the City of Mountlake Terrace for the purpose of safeguarding the health, safety and welfare of the inhabitants and the visitors of such City.

The City may require the use of designated disposal facilities, to the extent that any joint use agreement of disposal facilities should be entered into by the City. (Ord. 1395 § 5, 1981).

5.55.070 Compliance required – Certificate of public need and necessity.

Such contractor shall observe all regulations of the City of Mountlake Terrace, together with all state laws relative to public health. Prior to the effectiveness of any agreement approved by the City, a certificate of public need and necessity shall have been granted by the Utilities and Transportation Commission. (Ord. 1395 § 6, 1981).

5.55.080 Violation.

The violation of any of the provisions of this chapter shall constitute a misdemeanor. (Ord. 1395 § 9, 1981).