Chapter 5.60


Article I. Locksmiths and Keymakers

5.60.010    Definitions.

5.60.020    License required.

5.60.030    License fee – Term.

5.60.040    Regulations.

5.60.050    Equipment to be listed.

5.60.070    Signs to be displayed.

5.60.080    Prohibition as to itinerant locksmiths and keymakers.

5.60.090    Violations.

5.60.100    Proof of qualifications.

Article II. Alarm and Security Systems

5.60.110    License required.

5.60.120    Application.

5.60.130    Approval.

5.60.140    Revocation.

Article I. Locksmiths and Keymakers

5.60.010 Definitions.

Whenever used in this chapter, the following terms shall mean:

A. “Locksmith” means a person dealing in the mechanical actions, and the correct operation of all locks or similar devices, and whose trade or occupation is repairing, opening and closing such locks by mechanical means, other than with the regular key made for the purpose, without altering, marring or destroying the original condition or effectiveness of such locks or similar devices in any shape or manner, or a maker or manufacturer of locks, or any other mechanical device to aid a locksmith in the plying of his trade.

B. “Keymaker” means a person, other than a locksmith, who shall duplicate keys only, and on premises primarily maintained for other business. (Ord. 815 § 1, 1972).

5.60.020 License required.

It shall be unlawful for any person to carry on the business, trade or occupation of a locksmith, or keymaker, or for any person employed in a hotel, apartment house, office building, store, garage, service station, luggage shop, or any other establishment, to perform the duties of a locksmith or keymaker, without a license therefor. The licenses required under this chapter are separate from and in addition to the business license that may be required under Chapter 5.05 MTMC when applicable. (Ord. 2764 § 13, 2019; Ord. 815 § 2, 1972).

5.60.030 License fee – Term.

The fee for a locksmith license shall be as prescribed in the Business License Ordinance of the City of Mountlake Terrace currently in force. (Ord. 1029, 1975; Ord. 815 § 3, 1972).

5.60.040 Regulations.

A. It shall be unlawful for any person other than a licensed locksmith to open any lock not his own for which a key or combination may have been lost; or to make any repairs to, or change in, the mechanical adjustment or combination of any lock; or to make any original key or any other device or contraption to open a lock not his own (without the owner’s permission).

B. Keymakers shall be authorized to make duplicate keys only, and shall perform none of the other duties, reserved for licensed locksmiths in subsection A of this section. (Ord. 1029, 1975; Ord. 815 § 4, 1972).

5.60.050 Equipment to be listed.

Each locksmith shall maintain a list of his equipment enumerating in such list all master key blanks, code books, machinery, skeleton keys that open and operate more than one lock, key sets for automobiles, vibrating lock pickers, and all similar equipment in his possession. It shall be unlawful to dispose of any such equipment to any person other than a licensed locksmith. (Ord. 815 § 5, 1972).

5.60.070 Signs to be displayed.

Every licensed locksmith shall display in a prominent place all licenses pertaining to his place of business. (Ord. 1029, 1975; Ord. 815 § 7, 1972).

5.60.080 Prohibition as to itinerant locksmiths and keymakers.

It shall be unlawful for any licensed itinerant locksmith or keymaker to ply his trade or occupation or at any other place upon the streets or highways of the City. (Ord. 815 § 8, 1972).

5.60.090 Violations.

Any person guilty of violating any of the provisions of this article, upon conviction thereof, shall be punished by a fine of not more than $100.00. (Ord. 1029, 1975; Ord. 815 § 9, 1972).

5.60.100 Proof of qualifications.

The City Manager shall require any applicant for a locksmith’s license to furnish documentary proof that he is a qualified locksmith. All applicants for licenses as locksmiths shall be subject to complete police record check, including fingerprints. (Ord. 815 § 10, 1972).

Article II. Alarm and Security Systems

5.60.110 License required.

It shall be unlawful for any person to engage in the business of installing, servicing, or repairing fire or burglar alarm systems for any building in the City of Mountlake Terrace or to make surveys, estimates or to design proposals regarding any such system for any such building without having first obtained a valid business or salesman and peddler’s license provided by the Business License Ordinance of the City of Mountlake Terrace currently in force and endorsed for such activity. Such license shall be carried on the person of the licensee while engaging in such business and shall be displayed at the request of any potential customer or any police officer. (Ord. 1029, 1975; Ord. 815 § 11, 1972).

5.60.120 Application.

Any person desiring a license required by MTMC 5.60.110 shall make written application upon a form to be furnished by the City for that purpose. Such application shall include the name or names and address or addresses of the person, members of the firm or partnership of officers of the corporation for whom the license is sought. Such application shall also include the address or addresses at which or from which the holder of such license will carry on business. Such application shall be accompanied by the investigation fee as required for peddlers or salesmen as prescribed by the Business License Ordinance of the City of Mountlake Terrace currently in force. (Ord. 1029, 1975; Ord. 815 § 12, 1972).

5.60.130 Approval.

The Chief of Police shall investigate the truth or falsity of the statements contained in the application, and he shall investigate the fitness, honesty, and ethical character of the applicant and shall cause the fingerprints of the applicant to be recorded. If the Chief of Police shall find that any statements contained in the application are willfully false, or that the applicant is not an honest, fit, or proper person to exercise the privileges to be granted by the license, he shall disapprove the application, and the applicant may, if he chooses, appeal such disapproval to the City Council for de novo review and final action upon his application. Otherwise, the Chief of Police shall endorse his approval upon the application. (Ord. 815 § 13, 1972).

5.60.140 Revocation.

Any license required by this chapter shall be subject to revocation by the City Manager upon recommendation by the Chief of Police for cause or for violation of the laws of the state of Washington or of the ordinances of the City of Mountlake Terrace. Any such revocation may be appealed to the City Council. (Ord. 815 § 14, 1972).