Chapter 8.05


8.05.010    Maintaining correct telephone contact numbers.

8.05.020    Use of alarms.

8.05.030    False alarms.

8.05.040    Penalty for violation of sections.

8.05.010 Maintaining correct telephone contact numbers.

It is unlawful to have or maintain on any premises any type of burglary and/or robbery alarm unless an active and current telephone list is on file with the police department and Sno-Com, at which some person authorized to enter such premises and turn off such alarms can be reached at all times and it is unlawful for any person(s) so notified by the police to fail to appear and turn off any such alarm within one hour after being notified by police to do so. (Ord. 1078 § 1, 1976).

8.05.020 Use of alarms.

It is unlawful for anyone to activate any burglary or robbery alarm for the purpose of summoning police except in the event of an actual or attempted burglary or robbery, or for anyone notifying the police of an activated alarm and having knowledge that such activation was a malfunction of the alarms, to fail at the same time to notify the police of such apparent malfunction. (Ord. 1078 § 2, 1976).

8.05.030 False alarms.

A. Definition. The term “false alarm” for this section shall mean the activation of a burglary and/or robbery alarm by other than a forced entry or attempted forced entry to the premises or the activation of such alarm(s) when no burglary or robbery is being committed or attempted on the premises, or by extreme weather conditions.

B. Penalties for False Alarms.

1. For a response to a premises at which no other false alarm has occurred within the preceding six-month period, hereinafter referred to as a “first response”, no fee shall be charged provided the person(s) having or maintaining such burglary and/or robbery alarm, has, within three working days after notification of such alarm, made a written report to the Chief of Police, on forms prescribed by him, stating the probable cause of such false alarm, the corrective action taken, whether the alarm has been inspected by an authorized service person, and such other information as the Chief of Police may reasonably require to determine the cause of such false alarms and corrective action necessary.

2. For a second response to a premises within six months after a first response, no fee shall be charged, but a written report as outlined in subsection (B)(1) of this section shall be required, and additionally, the Chief of Police shall be authorized to inspect or have inspected the alarm system at such premises and to prescribe corrective action, whereupon he shall give notice to the person(s) having or maintaining the alarm system of such prescribed corrective action.

3. For a third response to premises within six months after a second response and for all succeeding responses within six months, a fee of $25.00 shall be charged. The Chief of Police may order the disconnection of such alarm systems until adequate steps have been taken to stop false alarms, and it shall be unlawful to reconnect such alarm systems without inspection and clearance from the Chief of Police; provided, that no disconnect shall be ordered as to any premises required by law to have an alarm system in operation. (Ord. 1078 § 3, 1976).

8.05.040 Penalty for violation of sections.

Any person violating MTMC 8.05.010 and/or 8.05.020 shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor and upon conviction thereof shall be punishable by a fine of not more than $25.00. (Ord. 1078 § 4, 1976).