Chapter 10.20


10.20.010    Intent.

10.20.020    Definitions.

10.20.030    Applicability.

10.20.040    Permit required for certain events.

10.20.050    Fees.

10.20.060    Preapplication conference.

10.20.070    Special event application.

10.20.080    Waiver of application deadline – Waiver of preapplication conference – Waiver of fees, insurance and performance requirements for special events protected under the First and Fourteenth Amendments to the U.S. Constitution.

10.20.090    Permit process.

10.20.100    Conditions or denial.

10.20.110    Prioritization of permits.

10.20.120    Signage.

10.20.130    Optional pre-event conference.

10.20.140    Insurance and liability.

10.20.150    Appeal and appeal procedure.

10.20.160    Performance requirements.

10.20.170    Revocation.

10.20.180    Block parties.

10.20.190    Violations and penalties.

10.20.200    Savings clause.

10.20.010 Intent.

The intent of this code section is to encourage and provide for special events, while ensuring public health, safety, and community livability, through a timely, effective, and coordinated permitting process. (Ord. 2571 § 2, 2011).

10.20.020 Definitions.

For purposes of this chapter, certain terms are defined as follows:

“Block party” means a gathering of neighbors in a residential area, where such gathering occurs at least partly on or otherwise affects the use of a public right-of-way.

“City” means the City of Mountlake Terrace.

“Community and Economic Development Department” means the City’s Community and Economic Development Department or its assigns.

“Critical area” means “critical area” as defined in Chapter 16.15 MTMC.

“Interdepartmental review process” means the coordinated review and comment process that includes all affected City departments for a given event, consistent with the City’s administrative procedures.

“Interested City departments” means those City departments that have an interest in or are potentially affected by the holding of a special event.

“Larger special event” means a special event involving 125 or more participants or potentially involving 125 or more participants, including any special event that provides an open invitation to the public to attend or any special event where the attendance is by private invitation of 125 or more people.

“Preapplication conference” means a joint meeting that includes one or more sponsoring parties and the representatives of interested City departments, usually held prior to the submittal of a permit application.

“Pre-event conference” means a joint meeting that includes one or more sponsoring parties and the representatives of interested City departments, prior to the occurrence of a special event.

“Representatives of interested City departments” means one or more staff of the interested City department or, when an interested City department is unable to have a representative attend, staff of another department that will act as a representative for the unavailable department and convey information as appropriate.

“Smaller special event” means a special event involving less than 125 participants.

“Special event” means the following:

1. Any organized activity, formation, parade, procession or assembly consisting of persons, animals, vehicles or any combination thereof, occurring partly or wholly upon any public right-of-way, including but not limited to public streets, alleys, sidewalks, and trails;

2. Any organized activity or set of activities conducted by an individual, group or entity for a common or collective use or benefit and that involves the use of City-owned facilities or the possible or necessary provision of ancillary City services;

3. Any event held on public or private property that occurs in a space or area not specifically approved for such use; or that interferes with any pedestrian or vehicular circulation on the property; or that is likely to significantly impact motorized or nonmotorized traffic congestion or traffic flow to or upon public rights-of-way; or that would significantly impact the need for emergency services such as police, fire or medical aid. It is presumed that any event which involves an open invitation to the public to attend or any event where the attendance is by private invitation of 125 or more people is presumed to be an event that will have a direct significant impact on the public streets, rights-of-way or emergency services. Special events may include, but are not limited to: fun runs, fundraising walks, auctions, bikeathons, parades, carnivals, shows or exhibitions, filming/movie events, circuses, block parties, and fairs.

“Special event, larger” means the same as “larger special event.”

“Special event, smaller” means the same as “smaller special event.”

“Sponsoring party” means any individual, business, organization, or other entity that is hosting, organizing, holding, or sponsoring the special event. (The term does not include individuals or entities who have a minor role in the event and no significant involvement in financing or organizing the event.) (Ord. 2571 § 2, 2011).

10.20.030 Applicability.

A. This chapter shall apply to all special events. Other laws, regulations, permits, and licenses also apply to the special event, whether or not a special event permit is required.

B. It is unlawful to conduct a special event unless the special event meets the requirements of this chapter and other applicable laws and regulations. (Ord. 2571 § 2, 2011).

10.20.040 Permit required for certain events.

A. It is unlawful for any person or entity to hold or sponsor any special event or to participate in a special event without a sponsoring party first applying for and obtaining a special event permit from the City; provided, that certain special events may be excluded from obtaining a permit pursuant to subsection C of this section.

B. Before being held, some special events may also need to obtain other permits or approvals, including but not limited to permits or approvals for right-of-way use, signage, electrical, fire, and building safety.

C. Special events that are excluded from the requirement to obtain a special event permit under this chapter are as follows:

1. Weddings and funerals being held on private property; provided, that any wedding or funeral procession shall obey all applicable traffic and parking regulations, except as is otherwise authorized by the Chief of Police;

2. Events that are regulated by MTMC 19.110.170 or 19.120.210;

3. Temporary shelter encampments that are regulated by Chapter 19.111 MTMC;

4. Assembly uses that occur entirely within a building; provided, that any such use is consistent with the building’s certificate of occupancy and consistent with all other applicable laws and regulations, including regulations for the underlying zoning district in which the special event would occur;

5. Smaller special events in public parks, as allowed by the Recreation and Parks Director, consistent with Chapters 12.10 and 19.75 MTMC and subject to additional rules that may be promulgated by the Recreation and Parks Director; provided, that for any part of an event that is to occur within the public right-of-way, a special event permit must be obtained under this chapter;

6. A special event that is sponsored by the City; provided, that the proposed event has been submitted for review through an interdepartmental process at least 45 days in advance of a larger special event and at least 21 days in advance of a smaller special event and that it will be held in compliance with all applicable codes and standards;

7. Sports and other outdoor activities that are conducted on fields, playgrounds, parks, or courts that have been legally constructed for such purpose and where the activities are consistent with the underlying zoning regulations;

8. Outdoor activities held on the grounds of a legally operating school for its students and their family members and/or for faculty as part of the school’s program for education, orientation, commencement, or other planned school events;

9. Any outdoor event held entirely on property, excluding City-owned property, with less than 125 participants;

10. Block parties involving no more than 75 people; provided, that a block party permit is obtained pursuant to MTMC 10.20.180. (Ord. 2571 § 2, 2011).

10.20.050 Fees.

A. Special event permits are subject to a fee schedule as may be separately adopted or established. The intent of charging fees is to help recover the cost of providing public services or facilities related to the event. The fee schedule shall include, but not be limited to, an initial application fee of at least $20.00 for each special event permit, except as any exemptions or reductions are specifically provided in the schedule, and may require additional fees due either upon application or prior to permit issuance for some types of events. The application fee is nonrefundable. The applicable fee schedule may take into account factors, including but not limited to the following:

1. The purpose and type of event;

2. The activities being held;

3. Whether the event is sponsored as a fund-raiser for nonprofit purposes;

4. The amount of registration fees or admission fees being charged for the event;

5. The number of participants;

6. Impact of the event on the community or surrounding area;

7. The length of the event or span of time that the event will take;

8. The use of City facilities, City equipment, or public rights-of-way;

9. Other factors influencing the amount of City resources likely to be needed related to the event.

B. In addition to any special event permit fee, additional fees may be due for other permits or licenses necessary to meet other laws or regulations. (Ord. 2571 § 2, 2011).

10.20.060 Preapplication conference.

A. Prior to submitting a permit application for a larger special event, one or more authorized representatives of the sponsoring parties shall participate in a preapplication conference with the affected City departments. To arrange said conference, a sponsoring party shall contact the Community and Economic Development Department at least seven days prior to the application’s due date and arrange for a preapplication conference. Its purpose shall be to clarify the scope of the special event, permit requirements, anticipated fees, the interdepartmental review process, and potential impacts to be addressed. A fee shall be required of the applicant for this conference; the fee shall be in the amount of one hour of staff time as established under Chapter 3.150 MTMC.

B. Sponsors of smaller special events that occur at least partly within the public right-of-way are encouraged to request a preapplication conference in the manner described in subsection A of this section. No fee is required for this conference. (Ord. 2571 § 2, 2011).

10.20.070 Special event application.

A. A sponsoring party of a special event shall submit its proposal for the event on an application form provided by the Community and Economic Development Department for that purpose and, as needed, shall submit additional information related to the event or this chapter.

B. Information provided by the applicant shall be true, accurate, and complete.

C. Applications for smaller special events shall submitted to the City at least 30 days prior to the event.

D. Applications for larger special events shall be submitted to the City at least 60 days prior to the event.

E. The special event permit application shall address the following:

1. Name of the event;

2. Purpose of the event;

3. Address or other specific location or route data for where the event is to occur;

4. Time of the event, including set-up and take-down activities;

5. Applicant’s name, signature, and contact information;

6. Name(s) and contact information for all sponsoring parties;

7. Name(s) and contact information for owners or tenants of property on which an event is to be held; provided, that this information is not required for any portion of the event occurring on City-owned property or within the public right-of-way;

8. Documentation that the owner(s) or tenant(s) of any property on which the event is to be held, or the owner’s or tenant’s authorized agent, has provided permission for the event’s occurrence;

9. Whether the event is being sponsored by a nonprofit entity and, if so, evidence of its nonprofit status;

10. Thorough description of the activities to occur, including any type of music, sound amplification system, games, performances, displays, food-handling, or sales;

11. Site plan indicating the location of the event, the specific location(s) of activities occurring at the event, and the routes for access and circulation;

12. Whether alcohol is to be provided or allowed anywhere on site;

13. Description and location of any furniture, awnings, canopies, buildings, structures, inflatable structures, play equipment, large machines, or other equipment (excluding small tabletop appliances and equipment) that will be used at the event;

14. Electrical connections to be used, if any;

15. Estimated number of attendees and estimated number of persons helping with the event at the time and place that it occurs;

16. Manner in which the event will be announced to potential attendees, for example, by flyers, personal invitations, Internet, newsletters, newspaper, radio, community announcements, or other means;

17. Whether registration, admission, parking or other fees will be required for event participants and, if so, the type and amount of each fee;

18. Information about the applicant’s insurance or ability to provide insurance if insurance involving the City is required;

19. Plan for staffing the event and all its activities on the day(s) of the event;

20. Plan for security for any larger special event;

21. Proposed location and number of any sanitary facilities to be available, whether fixed or portable;

22. Potential impact on transit services and on City facilities and services;

23. Traffic control plan for any larger special event and for any event using, closing, or otherwise affecting a public right-of-way;

24. Parking management plan for larger special events;

25. Plans for garbage management and recycling;

26. Any proposed special event signage, pursuant to MTMC 10.20.120, and its location(s); and

27. Any other information requested by the Department related to the event and any provision of this chapter.

D. A copy of any announcements about the proposed event that have been produced or planned for distribution by a sponsoring party or its agent shall be submitted at the time of the permit application. (Ord. 2571 § 2, 2011).

10.20.080 Waiver of application deadline – Waiver of preapplication conference – Waiver of fees, insurance and performance requirements for special events protected under the First and Fourteenth Amendments to the U.S. Constitution.

A. Upon a showing of good cause the Community and Economic Development Department Director may waive any required preapplication conference and shall consider an application that is filed after the filing deadline, if there is sufficient time to process and investigate the application and obtain police and other services for a special event protected under the First and Fourteenth Amendments to the U.S. Constitution primarily involving political or religious activities intended for the communication or expression of such ideas. Good cause can be demonstrated by the applicant showing that the circumstances that gave rise to the permit application did not reasonably allow the participants to file within the time period prescribed and that the event is for the purpose of exercising the right of free speech.

B. An application for a special event protected under the First and Fourteenth Amendments to the U.S. Constitution shall be processed promptly without charging a fee that impermissibly infringes on constitutionally protected rights and without imposing terms and conditions or performance requirements that impermissibly infringe on constitutionally protected rights. (Ord. 2571 § 2, 2011).

10.20.090 Permit process.

A. No special event permit shall be issued without the approval of all affected City departments through an interdepartmental review process coordinated by the Community and Economic Development (CED) Department, and subject to any conditions; provided, that if any department does not provide a written approval, approval with conditions, or denial to the CED Department within 14 days of receiving a smaller special event permit application for review or within 30 days of receiving a larger special event permit application, that department’s approval may be assumed.

B. The City’s permit review process shall include issuance of an approval, approval with conditions, or denial no later than 30 days after receiving a complete application for a larger special event and no later than 15 days after receiving a complete application for a smaller special event.

C. As part of the special event permit, the Police Department may approve a deviation related to noise as regulated under Chapter 8.20 MTMC. (Ord. 2571 § 2, 2011).

10.20.100 Conditions or denial.

A. The Community and Economic Department Director may condition the issuance of a special event permit by imposing reasonable requirements concerning the time, place and manner of the event, and such requirements as are necessary to protect the safety of persons and property and the control of traffic; provided such conditions shall not unreasonably restrict the right of free speech. Such conditions shall be based on compliance with this chapter, other laws and regulations, the event’s potential impact on public health, safety, and welfare, availability of necessary City resources and/or facilities, and priorities pursuant to MTMC 10.20.110. Such restrictions may include, but are not limited to:

1. Alteration of the date, time, route or location of the event proposed on the event application;

2. Elimination of an activity which cannot be mitigated to a point as to ensure public safety and welfare, or which causes undue liability to the City;

3. Conditions concerning the area of assembly and disbanding of a parade or other events occurring along a route;

4. Conditions concerning the accommodation of pedestrian or vehicular traffic, including restricting the event to only a portion of a street or right-of-way transversed;

5. Requirements for the use of traffic cones or barricades;

6. Requirements for the use of City personnel and equipment;

7. Requirements for the provision of first aid or sanitary facilities;

8. Requirements for the use of event monitors and providing notice of permit conditions to event participants;

9. Requirements to provide notice to surrounding property owners;

10. Restrictions on the number and type of vehicles, animals or structures at the event, and inspection and approval of floats, structures and decorated vehicles for fire safety;

11. Compliance with animal protection ordinances and laws;

12. Requirement for the use of garbage containers, cleanup and restoration of City property;

13. Restrictions on the use of amplified sound and compliance with noise ordinances, regulations and laws;

14. Compliance with any relevant ordinance or law and obtaining any legally required permit or license;

15. Any other restriction or requirement deemed necessary to ensure public safety and well-being;

16. Restrictions on the sale and/or consumption of alcohol.

B. The City may deny a special event permit application only if one or more of the following criteria applies and appropriate conditions cannot otherwise be placed on the permit:

1. Information contained in the application, or supplemental information requested from the applicant, is found to be false or nonexistent in any material detail; or

2. The applicant fails to complete the application form after having been notified of the additional information or documents required; or

3. The applicant refuses to agree, to abide or comply with all the conditions and terms of the permit; or

4. The time, route, hours, location, or size of the special event will unnecessarily disrupt the movement of other traffic within the area; or

5. The special event is of the size or nature that requires the diversion of so great a number of police officers of the City to properly police the event, site and contiguous areas that allowing the special event would unreasonably deny police protection to the remainder of the City and its residents; or

6. Another special event permit application has already been received, or has already been approved, to hold another event at the same time and place requested by the applicant, or so close in time and place as to cause undue traffic congestion, or the Police Department and/or other City departments are unable to meet the needs for police and other City services for both events; or

7. The location of the special event would cause undue hardship for adjacent businesses or residents; or

8. The location of the event will substantially interfere with any construction or maintenance work scheduled to take place upon or along public property or right-of-way, or a previously granted right-of-way disturbance permit; or

9. The event shall occur at a time when a school is in session at a route or location adjacent to the school or class thereof, and the noise created by the activities of the event would substantially disrupt the education activities of the school or class; or

10. The event would endanger public safety or health; or

11. The event would seriously inconvenience the general public’s use of public property, services or facilities; or

12. The applicant fails to comply with the liability insurance requirements, or the applicant’s insurance lapses or is cancelled; or

13. The event would create or constitute a public nuisance; or

14. The event would be likely to cause significant damage to public property or facilities; or

15. The event would engage in or encourage participants to engage in illegal acts. (Ord. 2571 § 2, 2011).

10.20.110 Prioritization of permits.

When an event is proposed that would conflict with the time or location of another event, the following criteria shall guide the determination of priority for the special event:

A. Whether a special event is being proposed for the same area or time as another event and, if so, whether multiple events can be reasonably accommodated given the location and resources, and if not, giving priority to the first event for which a permit application is submitted; provided, that either an event sponsored by the City of Mountlake Terrace or a bona fide nonprofit organization that has previously occurred in the same general location or at the same approximate time of year shall have priority; provided further, that the nonprofit organization submits a timely and complete permit application for the special event;

B. Whether timing or location of an event might conflict with other projects and activities, for example, road work or a construction project;

C. History of the event or of other events held by a sponsoring party as related to safety, security, and compliance with permit conditions. (Ord. 2571 § 2, 2011).

10.20.120 Signage.

A. Signage for the event may be provided pursuant to Chapters 19.135 and 19.136 MTMC.

B. This section is not intended to address traffic control devices.

C. Additional signage may be allowed off-premises under a special event permit as follows:

1. Up to six off-premises temporary signs may announce the event for no more than one week prior to the special event; provided, that such off-premises signs are not in addition to off-premises signs allowed for farmers markets under Chapter 19.135 MTMC.

2. Each sign face shall be no more than 30 by 36 inches in size and may be placed on private property adjacent to an arterial with the property owner’s permission or on a public right-of-way, as provided in the permit, to avoid encroaching on a sidewalk or street or otherwise creating a safety hazard and ensuring a minimum five-foot-wide sidewalk clearance at all times.

3. The signs shall be removed by a sponsoring party within 24 hours of the special event’s closing.

4. A fee that is equivalent to no more than one hour of staff time, as provided pursuant to a resolution adopted under Chapter 3.150 MTMC, shall apply to the permitting of signage under the special event permit. Such fee shall be in addition to any other fees associated with the special event and is due prior to permit issuance. (Ord. 2571 § 2, 2011).

10.20.130 Optional pre-event conference.

A. After receiving an application for a special event, the City may request a pre-event conference with the event’s sponsor to clarify permit information and conditions or address any impacts the event could have on security, safety, public facilities, or City resources. No fee is required for this conference.

B. After submitting an application, a sponsoring party of a special event may request a pre-event conference with the City to clarify information about the event or to address permit conditions. The sponsoring party may arrange such a conference by contacting the Community and Economic Development Department. The City will make a good faith effort to provide this service, as resources allow. No fee is required for the conference. (Ord. 2571 § 2, 2011).

10.20.140 Insurance and liability.

A. Liability Coverage Required. The applicant/sponsor of a larger special event, if required by this chapter to obtain a permit and the special event would occur partially or wholly on public right-of-way or City property, must possess or obtain public liability insurance to protect against loss from liability imposed by law for damages on account of bodily injury and property damage arising from the event. A certificate of insurance shall be filed 14 days prior to the event with the Administrative Services Director, and shall name the City, its officials, employees and agents as additional insured. Insurance coverage must be maintained for the duration of the event.

B. Minimum Limits Defined. Required coverage shall be a commercial general liability policy. Minimum limits required are $1,000,000 each occurrence combined single limit bodily injury and property damage; $2,000,000 aggregate. If food or nonalcoholic beverages are sold or served at the event, the policy must also include an endorsement for product liability. If alcoholic beverages are sold or served at the event, the policy must also include an endorsement for host liquor liability. If the event involves athletic or other types of active participants, the policy must include participant coverage. The Administrative Services Director may require additional endorsements depending upon the proposed activity.

C. Waiver or Reduction of Required Limits. The Administrative Services Director may waive or reduce the insurance requirements of this chapter under the following conditions:

1. The applicant or an officer of the sponsoring organization signs a verified statement that s/he believes the event’s purpose is First Amendment expression, and that the cost of obtaining insurance is so financially burdensome that it would constitute an unreasonable burden on the right of First Amendment expression. The statement shall include the name and address of two insurance agents or other source of insurance coverage contacted to determine insurance premium rates for insurance coverage.

2. The applicant or an officer of the sponsoring organization signs a verified statement that insurance coverage in the limits required is impossible to obtain. The statement shall include the name and address of two insurance agents or other source of insurance coverage contacted.

3. The Administrative Services Director determines that the insurance limits are in excess of the reasonable risk presented by the proposed special event.

D. If vehicles are used for other than nominal and standard commute purposes, a policy of business automobile liability, on an insurance industry standard form or equivalent including coverage for owned, nonowned, leased or hired vehicles, or equivalent coverage.

E. Any costs incurred as a result of an event shall be borne by the applicant. The City may require the posting of a bond to cover estimated costs of clean-up and disposal fees prior to issuance of permit. (Ord. 2571 § 2, 2011).

10.20.150 Appeal and appeal procedure.

A. Authority. The Hearing Examiner is authorized to hear any appeal from the denial of a permit or a permit condition in accordance with and pursuant to the provisions of this chapter and Chapter 2.120 MTMC.

B. Right to Appeal. The applicant shall have the right to appeal the denial of a permit or a permit condition. The applicant shall also have the right to appeal the amount of fees imposed.

C. Written Notice of Appeal. A written notice of appeal shall be filed within five days after the mailing or personal delivery of a notice of denial or permit condition with the Community and Economic Development Director or is thereafter barred. This appeal shall set forth the grounds for the appeal and shall include a statement on why the applicant believes the decision is an error and attach any relevant documents for consideration. The fee for filing an appeal under this section shall be an amount that constitutes four hours of staff time, as provided pursuant to a resolution adopted under Chapter 3.150 MTMC.

D. Scheduling of Hearing. Upon receipt of a timely filed notice of appeal, a hearing shall be scheduled not more than 15 days from the date of the filing of the notice of appeal; provided, however, the hearing shall be scheduled for the earliest possible hearing date. Written notice of the date of the hearing shall be sent to the appellants not less than three business days prior to the scheduled hearing date. The failure of the appellant to appear at the hearing shall result in a judgment by default. The decision of the Hearing Examiner shall be final. (Ord. 2571 § 2, 2011).

10.20.160 Performance requirements.

A. All aspects of the special event shall be conducted consistent with applicable laws and regulations, including but not limited to this chapter, and with the terms of the issued permit.

B. A special event shall be held for no more than four consecutive days.

C. Alcohol is prohibited at special events except as it is specifically allowed under the conditions of a special event permit.

D. Special events shall not take place within an environmentally critical area or the critical area’s buffer, except as otherwise may be allowed pursuant to Chapter 16.15 MTMC.

E. Special events shall not be conducted within the side yard setback of any property, as defined under MTMC Title 19 for the zoning district in which the special event occurs.

F. If adequate fixed sanitary facilities are not available for use at the special event, portable toilets shall be provided of a number and type that complies with industry standards as determined by the City’s Recreation and Parks Director within City parks and by the City’s Building Official anywhere else; provided, that no toilets are required for special events that last less than two hours.

G. Garbage receptacles and recycling containers, as required by the permit conditions, shall be provided at the event site and removed and properly disposed of after the event. Any remaining litter or debris shall be cleaned up and removed the same day as the event, unless a longer clean-up period is granted by the permit.

H. For the provision of any required barricades, traffic control devices, portable toilets, and garbage receptacles, documentation in the form of a work order or an invoice must be submitted to the City at least two weeks in advance of the event to demonstrate that the equipment or services have been arranged by the event organizer.

I. Nonbiodegradable balloons shall not be released outdoors as part of a special event.

J. Any traffic control devices shall be installed and removed pursuant to the terms of the permit.

K. No fires are allowed, except in a manner and location specifically approved by the City for such purpose.

L. Inflatable play equipment and all membrane structures shall be properly installed per the manufacturer’s instructions.

M. Event sponsors shall follow requirements and guidelines of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) when applicable.

N. Food handling and preparation shall be in accordance with requirements of the Snohomish County Health Department.

O. A copy of any announcements that the sponsoring party or its agency produces for distribution about the proposed event shall be submitted to the Community and Economic Development Department either before or within three days after their distribution.

P. Any smaller special event occurring outdoors and not required to obtain a permit under MTMC 10.20.040(C)(9) shall have a duration of four hours or less and shall not occur between the hours of 10:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m., except as is otherwise provided by a special event permit that the sponsor has chosen to obtain. (Ord. 2571 § 2, 2011).

10.20.170 Revocation.

A permit for a special event may be revoked if the City finds that the applicant has failed to provide complete or accurate information in his/her permit application or has not met the terms or conditions of the permit or has failed to comply with any requirement of MTMC 10.20.160. (Ord. 2571 § 2, 2011).

10.20.180 Block parties.

A. Block parties, as defined in MTMC 10.20.020, may be conducted; provided, that a block party permit has been obtained from the Mountlake Terrace Police Department. The block party permit may be issued by the Chief of Police, in consultation with the Traffic Engineer.

B. Block party permits are limited to events that have less than 75 participants. Block parties that have 75 or more participants or are likely to have 75 or more participants are to obtain a special event permit instead of a block party permit. The Mountlake Terrace Police Department may also make a determination that the proposed block party is subject to a special event permit, rather than a block party permit, based on the likely number of participants or a finding that the event may have special impacts due to the timing of the event, nature of activities or other factors related to public health, safety, or welfare.

C. Applications for a block party permit shall be submitted to the Mountlake Terrace Police Department at least 10 days prior to the event and shall include information required by the Mountlake Terrace Police Department, including but not limited to:

1. Name, address, and signature of applicant;

2. Location and boundaries of event;

3. Date and time of event;

4. Use or closure of any public right-of-way, including sidewalks;

5. Traffic management plan related to the closure or obstruction of any public right-of-way;

6. Activities to occur, including any form of music;

7. Estimated number of participants;

8. Copy of any announcements that have been distributed or are planned to be distributed about the event.

D. A block party permit may be denied if the Chief of Police finds that the event is likely to have 75 or more participants, in which case the applicant may apply for a special event permit.

E. If the Chief of Police finds that the event is proposed for a time or location that conflicts with other events or necessary transportation access, the Mountlake Terrace Police Department will make an effort to advise the applicant of other potential times or locations.

F. In no case shall a block party occur between the hours of 10:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m.

G. Traffic control devices shall be placed in appropriate locations, as required by the permit.

H. All litter and debris shall be removed from the site the same day as the event occurs, except as the permit allows additional clean-up time.

I. All conditions of the block party permit shall be followed. Failure to follow the block party permit conditions may result in a violation pursuant to MTMC 10.20.190.

J. Other laws and regulations shall apply. (Ord. 2571 § 2, 2011).

10.20.190 Violations and penalties.

Any person, sponsoring party or organization violating the provisions of this chapter shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and upon conviction thereof shall be subject to a penalty of a fine of not more than $1,000 or by imprisonment of not more than 90 days or both such fine and imprisonment. (Ord. 2571 § 2, 2011).

10.20.200 Savings clause.

If any section, sentence, clause, phrase, part or portion of this chapter is for any reason held to be invalid or unconstitutional by any court of competent jurisdiction, such decision shall not affect the validity of the remaining portions of this chapter. (Ord. 2571 § 2, 2011).