Chapter 12.25


12.25.010    Intent and authority.

12.25.020    Street naming – Special process.

12.25.030    Address notification.

12.25.010 Intent and authority.

A. The intent of this chapter is to provide that streets will be named and addresses assigned as part of an organized grid system to enable emergency responders and others to locate all primary buildings and parcels within the City, while also encouraging a sense of place that reflects the type of street or neighborhood context of the street or property.

B. Naming of streets and addressing of properties shall be as assigned by the Community and Economic Development Department, pursuant to the Department’s standard practices, except as provided under MTMC 12.25.020. (Ord. 2598 § 2, 2012).

12.25.020 Street naming – Special process.

The Community and Economic Development Department’s standard street naming process may be waived for the purpose of naming any new public street in a different manner or to rename any existing public street, pursuant to the following process:

A. A property owner located on the affected street may apply to the Community and Economic Development Director for a new or different street name or the City Council may propose a new or different street name;

B. At a public meeting, the City Council may provide direction to hold a public hearing and consider adoption of one or more proposed street names;

C. At least 10 days in advance of a public hearing, notice of said public hearing shall be posted and published and a written notice mailed to property owners that would have a new or changed address if the new street name is adopted by the City Council; and

D. After the public hearing, the City Council, at its sole discretion, may adopt an ordinance to name or rename the street. (Ord. 2598 § 2, 2012).

12.25.030 Address notification.

The Community and Economic Development Department shall provide notice regarding any new or changed street name or address to all property owners that will have a new address and to the post office, emergency service providers, City departments, and the County Auditor. (Ord. 2598 § 2, 2012).