Chapter 14.20


14.20.010    Disclosure of records.

14.20.020    Reports from unpermitted users.

14.20.030    Reporting requirements for dangerous waste constituents.

14.20.040    Record keeping.

14.20.010 Disclosure of records.

Each user shall have available at the location of discharge, all records and reports required by this title, any applicable state and federal regulation, or any permit or order issued thereunder. Each user shall make such records available for review by the Director during business hours, when activities are being conducted at the facility, and at all reasonable times. Failure to comply with this provision is a violation of this title. (Ord. 2381 § 4, 2005).

14.20.020 Reports from unpermitted users.

All users not required to obtain a wastewater discharge permit from the Department shall provide appropriate reports to the City as the Director may require. The Director shall determine the schedule and format of such reports, and the pollutant properties, flow rates, and other pertinent information to be reported. (Ord. 2381 § 4, 2005).

14.20.030 Reporting requirements for dangerous waste constituents.

Any user discharging 100 kilograms or more of dangerous waste in any calendar month to the POTW where the pollutants are not reported through self-monitoring under an applicable state waste discharge permit shall report to the Director and the Department the following information to the extent that it is known or readily available to the user:

A. The name of the dangerous waste as set forth in Chapter 173-303 WAC, and the dangerous waste number;

B. The specific hazardous constituents;

C. The estimated mass and concentration of such constituents in wastestreams discharged during the calendar month;

D. The type of discharge (continuous, batch, or other); and

E. The estimated mass of dangerous waste constituents in wastestreams expected to be discharged in the next 12 months. (Ord. 2381 § 4, 2005).

14.20.040 Record keeping.

A. Users subject to this title shall retain, and make available for inspection and copying, all records of information maintained to comply with this title, a state waste discharge permit, or approved operations and maintenance procedures (inspections, lubrication, repair, etc.). Users subject to monitoring activities shall keep records of all monitoring activities whether required or voluntary.

B. Monitoring records shall include the date, exact place, method, and time of sampling and the name of the person(s) taking the samples; the dates analyses were performed; who performed the analyses; the analytical techniques or methods used; and the results of such analyses.

C. These records shall remain available for a period of at least three years. This period shall be automatically extended for the duration of any litigation concerning the user or POTW, or where the user has been specifically notified of a longer retention period by the Director. (Ord. 2381 § 4, 2005).