Chapter 14.25


14.25.010    Sampling requirements for users.

14.25.020    Analytical requirements.

14.25.030    City monitoring of user’s wastewater.

14.25.010 Sampling requirements for users.

A. Users which discharge to the Edmonds or King County POTW shall abide by all applicable wastewater monitoring requirements of this title, any applicable order, and any state or federal regulation or permit, including a state waste discharge or NPDES permit. The Director may require self-monitoring as a requirement of discharge to the POTW, or may conduct City monitoring of any discharge to the POTW.

B. Samples should be taken immediately downstream from pretreatment facilities if such exist or immediately downstream from the regulated or manufacturing process if no pretreatment exists or as determined by the City and/or contained in the user’s wastewater discharge permit. For categorical users, if other wastewaters are mixed with the regulated wastewater prior to pretreatment the user shall measure the flows and concentrations necessary to allow use of the combined wastestream formula of 40 CFR 403.6(e) in order to evaluate compliance with the applicable national categorical pretreatment standards. Other SIUs which are required to sample shall measure the flows and concentrations necessary to evaluate compliance with the pretreatment standards and requirements.

C. Noncategorical Users. All other users, where required to sample, shall measure the flows and pollutant concentrations necessary to evaluate compliance with pretreatment standards and requirements.

D. Users that analyze wastewater samples shall record and report with the sampling results the information required in MTMC 14.20.040(B). All required reports shall also certify that such sampling and analysis is representative of normal work cycles and expected pollutant discharges from the user. If a user sampled and analyzed more frequently than what was required in its wastewater discharge permit, using methodologies in 40 CFR Part 136, it must submit all results of sampling and analysis of the discharge with the next required wastewater discharge report. Reports containing incomplete information shall not demonstrate compliance with this title, or a wastewater discharge permit. (Ord. 2381 § 5, 2005).

14.25.020 Analytical requirements.

A. All pollutant analyses, including sampling techniques, shall be performed in accordance with the techniques prescribed in 40 CFR Part 136, unless otherwise specified in an applicable categorical pretreatment standard. If 40 CFR Part 136 does not contain sampling or analytical techniques for the pollutant in question, sampling and analyses must be performed in accordance with procedures approved by the EPA or the Department.

B. All analyses required to be reported with the exception of flow, temperature, settleable solids, conductivity, and pH shall be performed by a laboratory registered or accredited under the provisions of Chapter 173-50 WAC. Laboratories must be accredited for the analyses which they are performing. (Ord. 2381 § 5, 2005).

14.25.030 City monitoring of user’s wastewater.

The City will follow the same procedures required of users described in MTMC 14.25.010 and 14.25.020 whenever conducting wastewater sampling of any industrial user when such sampling is conducted to ensure compliance with this title and applicable pretreatment standards and requirements. (Ord. 2381 § 5, 2005).