Chapter 19.20


19.20.010    Purpose.

19.20.020    Establishment of districts.

19.20.030    Mapping of zoning districts.

19.20.040    Classification of newly annexed territory.

19.20.050    Uses not listed.

19.20.010 Purpose.

The City is divided into zoning districts established in this title with the intent to provide for the geographic distribution of land uses as contemplated by the City’s Comprehensive Policy Plan; to maintain stability and predictability in land use development by encouraging grouping of land uses that have compatible characteristics; and to maintain commitments in public service facilities such as transportation systems, parks, and utilities. (Ord. 2074 § 4.1, 1995).

19.20.020 Establishment of districts.

The City of Mountlake Terrace is divided into zoning districts as follows:



RS 8400

Single-Household Residential, 8,400 square feet minimum lot area

RS 7200

Single-Household Residential, 7,200 square feet minimum lot area


Multi-Household Residential Low Density


Multi-Household Residential Medium Density


Community Business


General Commercial




Light Industry/Office Park


Recreation and Park District


Special Development District


Public Facilities and Services

(Ord. 2406 § 1, 2005; Ord. 2074 § 4.2, 1995).

19.20.030 Mapping of zoning districts.

Designation, location, and boundary of the zoning districts established by this title are shown on the Official Zoning Map for the City, which shall be maintained as such and which is hereby incorporated by reference as a part of this title. (Ord. 2074 § 4.3, 1995).

19.20.040 Classification of newly annexed territory.

All newly annexed territory to the City shall receive an interim RS 8400 zoning district designation by the City in a timely manner upon fulfillment of the procedures and requirements for reclassification, in accordance with Chapter 35.13 RCW. (Ord. 2074 § 4.4, 1995).

19.20.050 Uses not listed.

A. If a proposed use is not specifically listed in a zone district, an applicant may request from the Planning Department an interpretation as to whether or not the proposed use is to be allowed. In determining whether a proposed use closely resembles a use expressly authorized in the applicable zone district(s), the Planning Department shall consider the following criteria:

1. The use resembles or is of the same basic nature as a use or uses expressly authorized in the applicable zoning district or districts in terms of the following:

a. The activities involved in or equipment or materials employed by the use;

b. The effects of the use on the surrounding area, such as traffic impacts, noise, dust odors, vibration, and appearance;

2. The use is consistent with the stated purpose of the applicable district or districts; and

3. The use is compatible with the goals and policies of the Comprehensive Plan.

B. The determination of the Planning Department may be appealed to the Hearing Examiner as provided in MTMC 18.05.210. (Ord. 2481 § 49, 2008; Ord. 2074 § 4.5, 1995).