Chapter 19.70


19.70.010    Purpose and intent.

19.70.020    Locational restrictions.

19.70.030    Measurement of distances for locational requirements.

19.70.040    Applicability.

19.70.010 Purpose and intent.

The Sexually Oriented Adult Businesses/Adult Entertainment Establishments Overlay Zone district is a zone that establishes a layer of regulations that apply within that portion of the Light Industry/Office Park (LI/OP) district lying north of 220th Street Southwest, as depicted on the Official Zoning Map as “S.O.A.B.”, in addition to the zoning regulations specified in the underlying zone (LI/OP), in order to designate where sexually oriented adult businesses/adult entertainment establishments may locate in the City. The purpose and intent of this overlay zone district is to consolidate the location of sexually oriented adult businesses/ adult entertainment establishments so that the secondary effects of such uses will be concentrated in a specific area of the City to facilitate more effective law enforcement and regulation of such uses and provide buffer requirements which will minimize the secondary impacts from these businesses upon other properties in their vicinity and protect the general health, safety and welfare of the community. Sexually oriented adult businesses/adult entertainment establishments are normally associated with adverse secondary impacts, including prostitution, drug activities, and other unlawful conduct and therefore the City is making all reasonable efforts to minimize such negative effects through this overlay zone district approach. (Ord. 2074 § 4.14(A), 1995).

19.70.020 Locational restrictions.

Sexually oriented adult business/adult entertainment establishments are prohibited:

A. Within 500 feet of any residential zone or any single-household or multiple-household residential use;

B. Within 500 feet of any public park;

C. Within 500 feet of any church or other religious facilities or institutions;

D. Within 500 feet of any public or private school; and

E. Within 500 feet of any day care centers. (Ord. 2074 § 4.14(B), 1995).

19.70.030 Measurement of distances for locational requirements.

The distances provided in MTMC 19.70.020 shall be measured by following a straight line without regard to intervening buildings, from the nearest point of the property parcel upon which the proposed use is to be located, to the nearest point of the parcel of property or the land use district boundary line from which the proposed land use is to be separated. (Ord. 2074 § 4.14(C), 1995).

19.70.040 Applicability.

All applicable regulations of this title including but not limited to the dimensional requirements in the LI/OP district, parking, landscaping, outdoor storage, and lighting, shall apply to all new construction and substantial redevelopment within the S.O.A.B. (Ord. 2074 § 4.14(D), 1995).