Chapter 19.85


19.85.010    Purpose and intent.

19.85.020    Allowed uses.

19.85.030    Dimensional requirements.

19.85.040    Special regulations.

19.85.050    Special use.

19.85.010 Purpose and intent.

The purpose of the special development district commercial/residential (SDD C/R) is to provide flexibility for uses ranging from residential to retail to office, while requiring high performance standards and environmental protection. (Ord. 2476 § 4, 2008).

19.85.020 Allowed uses.

The land uses identified below are allowed in the SDD C/R district unless otherwise prohibited by another provision of the municipal code. The manner in which they are allowed is shown in the following chart. The chart lists potential uses in the left-hand column, with major categories of use indicated by bold font; the four columns on the right list four methods for allowing each use; the methods are abbreviated as: “P” for permitted use, “C” for conditional use, “A/P” for accessory permitted use, and “HO” for home occupation conditional use. An “X” marks by which method the use is allowed; if an X is not indicated after a major category of use, it is not allowed, except as specifically provided in the chart. Footnotes provide additional information that shall be applied. If a use is not included in the table below, it is not allowed in this district unless otherwise specifically allowed pursuant to MTMC Title 18. All uses are also subject to additional requirements of the municipal code.

Type of Use







Commercial facilities






Home occupations





Medical/Health Care







Guardhouse or caretaker residence






Hazardous waste and treatment storage






Storage facilities





Parking Facilities





Public Service Facilities





Public Utility Facilities





Recreation/Entertainment/Cultural Facilities







Adult care household






Assisted living






Group homes






Long-term care facility






Motels, hotels, inns






Multifamily dwellings






Single-household dwelling units





School/Day Care





Transportation Facilities





1Excluding hospitals and ambulance services, which are subject to a conditional use permit.

2Except that any such facilities used for habitation must be within the same building that contains the property’s primary use.

3Only if established as an essential public facility pursuant to Chapter 18.15 MTMC.

4Only as part of a mixed use project; provided, that residential use comprises no more than 10 percent of the ground floor area of the building.

(Ord. 2486 § 3, 2008; Ord. 2476 § 4, 2008).

19.85.030 Dimensional requirements.

The following minimum dimensional requirements shall apply uniformly to all development within the SDD C/R district, except as otherwise stated in MTMC 19.85.040:

Minimum Lot Area

5,400 square feet

Lot Width at Street Frontage

40 feet

Front Yard Setback

15 feet1

Side Yard Setback

10 feet2

Rear Yard Setback

25 feet2

Maximum Building Height

3 stories, not to exceed 35 feet

Maximum Structural Coverage

40% of lot area

1Except that the Department may require a greater distance if needed to assure adequate sight distance at intersections.

2None when adjacent to developed commercial use unless required to meet landscaping requirements.

(Ord. 2476 § 4, 2008).

19.85.040 Special regulations.

Special regulations, as specified below, shall apply to the SDD C/R district:

A. Multiple-household dwellings are allowed only as part of a mixed commercial/residential development. Such residential uses shall not comprise more than 10 percent of the ground floor of any building.

B. All uses, including storage, shall be conducted wholly within an entirely enclosed building except for the following:

1. Public utility facilities.

2. Parking facilities and loading areas; provided, that no area outside of an enclosed building shall be used for storage or repair of vehicles.

3. Sale or rental of vehicles.

4. Vehicle service stations.

5. Outdoor advertising structures.

6. Sale or display of fresh produce, nursery supplies, and cut flowers.

C. Sexually oriented business/adult entertainment establishments shall not be permitted.

D. Off-street parking shall be provided for multiple-household dwellings in a total amount that equals at least 1.25 parking spaces per unit for each unit of two or less bedrooms and one additional parking space for each bedroom beyond two bedrooms in a unit. Parking spaces must include guest or flexible space, which is not contained within a private dwelling, at a ratio of at least one space for every four dwelling units, unless a parking study is provided that documents to the satisfaction of the City’s traffic engineer that a slightly different ratio of guest or flexible parking space is appropriate.

E. Chapter 19.126 MTMC shall regulate electric vehicle infrastructure.

F. The locational and area standards of this chapter and of any other regulations in this title pertaining to development under this chapter do not have to be met on individual lots, parcels or tracts developed under the provisions of Chapter 17.05 MTMC, Binding Site Plans; provided, that they are met on the collective lots, parcels and/or tracts in a binding site plan and that all standards otherwise applicable to the outer perimeter of individual lots (e.g., setbacks, landscaping and buffers) are met around the outer perimeter of the binding site plan. (Ord. 2660 § 13, 2015; Ord. 2553 § 12, 2010; Ord. 2476 § 4, 2008).

19.85.050 Special use.

Wireless communication facilities are regulated under Chapter 19.137 MTMC. (Ord. 2476 § 4, 2008).