Title 17


17.04    Statement of Purpose

17.08    Definitions

17.12    Establishment of Districts

17.13    Land Use and Development Review Procedures

17.15    Concurrency Management System

17.16    Permitted, Conditional, Temporary and Interim Uses

17.17    Wireless Communication Facilities (WCF) Attached and Detached

17.18    Essential Public Facilities

17.20    Bulk Regulations

17.25    Design Standards for Mixed-Use Development

17.25A    Design Standards for the DB District

17.25B    Mixed-Use Design Standards for the WMU District

17.25C    Development Regulations for the CB and PCB Districts

17.30    Accessory Dwelling Units

17.51    Planned Residential Development

17.52    Critical Areas Regulations

17.52A    Geologic Sensitive Area Regulations

17.52B    Wetland Regulations

17.52C    Fish and Wildlife Habitat Conservation Areas (Outside Shoreline Jurisdiction)

17.52D    Flood Hazard Areas

17.52E    Shoreline Regulations

17.54    Roadways and Internal Vehicle Access

17.56    Off-Street Parking

17.58    Landscaping

17.60    Modifications of Dimensions

17.64    Conditional Uses and Variances

17.66    Moved-In Buildings

17.68    Nonconforming Lots, Structures and Uses

17.72    Administration

17.76    Manufactured Homes

17.78    Homeless Temporary Encampments

17.80    Signs

17.84    Implementing the State Environmental Policy Act