Chapter 17.12


17.12.010    Districts.

17.12.020    Zoning map.

17.12.030    Boundaries.

17.12.040    Zoning annexed areas.

17.12.050    Vacated streets and alleys.

17.12.060    Minimum standards.

17.12.070    Construction of buildings.

17.12.010 Districts.

In order to implement the comprehensive plan, to provide for protection of property and to preserve the health, safety and welfare of the community, the city is divided into the following classes of districts:

RD 20.0    Single-family residential district, 20,000 square feet minimum lot area

RD 12.5    Single-family residential district, 12,500 square feet minimum lot area

RD 12.5(S)    Single-family residential district-south, 12,500 square feet minimum lot area

RD 9.6    Single-family residential district, 9,600 square feet minimum lot area

RD 9.6(S)    Single-family residential district-south, 9,600 square feet minimum lot area

RD 8.4    Single-family residential district, 8,400 square feet minimum lot area

RD 7.5    Single-family residential district, 7,500 square feet minimum lot area

RD 7.2    Single-family residential district, 7,200 square feet minimum lot area

WFB    Waterfront beach (single-family residential), 7,200 square feet minimum lot area

MRD    Multiple-family residential district, 3,350 square feet of usable land per dwelling unit

MR    Multiple-family residential district, 2,000 square feet of usable land per dwelling unit

DB    Downtown business district

CB    Community business district

CB(S)    Community business district-south

CB(S)-2    Community business district-south-2

PCB    Planned community business district

PCB(S)    Planned community business district-south

BP    Business park district

PI    Planned industrial district

IP    Industrial park district

LI    Light industrial district

HI    Heavy industrial district

OS    Open space district

PSP    Public/semi-public district

WMU    Waterfront mixed-use district

(Ord. 1228 § 1, 2009: Ord. 1196 § 3 (part), 2008; Ord. 948 § 3, 1999; Ord. 946 § 2, 1998; Ord. 908 § 6, 1997: Ord. 387 (part), 1982)

17.12.020 Zoning map.

The zoning map, a copy of which is on file in the office of the city clerk, is by reference adopted with and made a part of this title and is known as the official zoning map. This map delineates the exact boundaries of the zoning districts as defined and determined in this title and may from time to time be amended by the council for the purpose of implementing the comprehensive plan. (Ord. 387 (part), 1982)

17.12.030 Boundaries.

District boundaries are the centerlines of streets, public alleys, parkways, or railroad right-of-way lines, or waterways unless other established points, lines or features are referenced. In the case of Possession Sound, creeks and streams, the boundary line is the ordinary mean high water mark. (Ord. 387 (part), 1982)

17.12.040 Zoning annexed areas.

Areas annexed to the city or areas within the city limits which are not specifically included in a zoning district are zoned RD 12.5 single-family residence district until otherwise classified. The planning commission shall, within nine months of the date of annexation, present to the city council its recommendations for permanent zoning in the annexed area. (Ord. 387 (part), 1982)

17.12.050 Vacated streets and alleys.

Vacated streets and alleys shall assume the district classification of the property fronting on that street. When district classification differs from one side of the street to the other, the centerline of the vacated street is the boundary line between the two districts. (Ord. 387 (part), 1982)

17.12.060 Minimum standards.

The minimum standards set forth in this title for lot area, yard requirements, open space, off-street parking and loading or square footage requirements shall not be reduced in area or dimension. (Ord. 387 (part), 1982)

17.12.070 Construction of buildings.

No building shall be erected, structurally altered or rebuilt, nor shall any building or lot be used except in compliance with the rules and regulations for each district in which the building or land is located or as provided for by conditional uses and variances. (Ord. 387 (part), 1982)