Chapter 17.52D


17.52D.010    Purpose.

17.52D.020    Flood hazard regulations.

17.52D.030    Flood insurance rate maps.

17.52D.010 Purpose.

The purpose of this chapter is to designate and protect flood hazard areas in the city and to protect aquifers used for potable water. (Ord. 987 § 7 (part), 2000)

17.52D.020 Flood hazard regulations.

All development proposals in special flood hazard areas shall be subject to the provisions of Chapter 15.12, Flood Damage Prevention. All studies shall be prepared by a registered professional engineer licensed in the state of Washington. At the city’s option, the studies/plans may be reviewed by a consultant retained by the city at the applicant’s expense. (Ord. 987 § 7 (part), 2000)

17.52D.030 Flood insurance rate maps.

Flood insurance rate maps (FIRM), the official map on which the Federal Insurance Administration has delineated both areas of flood hazard and risk premium zones applicable to the community, are available at the city for viewing. (Ord. 987 § 7 (part), 2000)