Chapter 2.32


2.32.010    Purpose.

2.32.020    Membership – Appointment term.

2.32.030    Appointments – Requirements.

2.32.040    Removal.

2.32.050    Vacancies.

2.32.060    Meetings.

2.32.070    Duties.

2.32.080    Staff support.

2.32.010 Purpose.

There shall be a community activities commission to provide advice and make recommendations on parks, recreational facilities and community service programs of the city.

The commission serves as a review and advisory body to the city council on city-owned park planning, design, and construction, park and facility development, renovation, trails and paths, recreation programs, special community events and community engagement. The commission performs duties assigned annually by the council by way of a work plan, which may include but not be limited to those duties set forth in NMC 2.32.070. (Ord. 2019-578 § 1; Ord. 2013-472 § 1; Ord. 06-333 § 5).

2.32.020 Membership – Appointment term.

There shall be seven members of the community activities commission. Beginning September 1, 2003, the initial term of service for three commission positions shall be two years, three positions shall be appointed for three-year terms and the final three positions shall be standard four-year terms. All seven commission positions shall ultimately be for four-year terms. Terms shall expire on the last day of July of each appropriate year. (Ord. 2019-578 § 1; Ord. 2013-472 § 1; Ord. 2012-458 § 1; Ord. 06-333 § 5).

2.32.030 Appointments – Requirements.

Commissioners shall be appointed by the mayor subject to ratification by the city council. The selection of commissioners shall be made from individuals who have an interest in parks, recreation and community service programs as evidenced by training, experience or actions. Whenever possible, the council shall appoint representatives from community interest groups to the commission. Commissioners shall reside within the city or its potential annexation areas as set forth in the comprehensive plan. Commission members shall be selected without respect to political affiliation and shall serve without compensation. (Ord. 2019-578 § 1; Ord. 2013-472 § 1; Ord. 06-333 § 5).

2.32.040 Removal.

Commission members may be removed by a majority vote of all members of the city council. The decision of the city council shall be final and there shall be no appeal. (Ord. 2013-472 § 1; Ord. 06-333 § 5).

2.32.050 Vacancies.

Vacancies occurring other than through the expiration of terms shall be filled for the unexpired term in the same manner as for an original appointment. (Ord. 2013-472 § 1; Ord. 06-333 § 5).

2.32.060 Meetings.

A. The community activities commission shall elect from its members a chair who shall preside at all meetings of the commission and a vice chair who shall preside in the absence of the chair. A majority of the commission shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business and a majority vote of those present shall be necessary to carry any motion.

B. The community activities commission shall conduct its business in accordance with the rules and procedures adopted by the city council by resolution to the extent the rules can be applied to the community activities commission. Any changes to these rules of procedure must first be approved by the city council.

C. The commission members shall sign the “Code of Ethics” at time of their installation as a commissioner. (Ord. 2013-472 § 1; Ord. 06-333 § 5).

2.32.070 Duties.

A. The community activities commission shall be an advisory body to the city council, and shall have the following duties:

1. Collaboration with other city committees and community groups on preservation and growth of parks, trails, open space, historical, cultural and artistic assets;

2. Coordination of efforts to engage the entire community in city activities, including people from diverse age groups and underrepresented ethnic populations;

3. Review of and recommendations on maintenance of city parks and trails;

4. Review of and recommendations on cultural events, festivals, concerts, farmer and craft markets and other community events;

5. Review of and recommendations on community recreation programs;

6. Review of and recommendations on gifting policies regarding citizen contributions to the city;

7. Coordination of city volunteers, except for emergency management volunteers, and volunteer recognition efforts;

8. Review of and recommendations on planning, design, development, construction and renovation of city parks, trails and paths; and

9. Such other duties as may be assigned by the city council.

B. The city council will develop an annual work plan for the community activities commission. The community activities commission may recommend additional items for the annual work plan by way of a majority vote of the commission. However, the city council must approve the addition of the recommended item on the annual work plan prior to review and consideration by the community activities commission.

C. Final commission work plans can be amended by the council at any time during the year to take into consideration needs that were not foreseen at the time the work plans were first developed. By a majority vote, a commission can recommend a work plan amendment for consideration by the council. The city manager shall promulgate a protocol for addressing such issues.

D. The commission shall have no administrative or supervisory powers not available to the city council. (Ord. 2019-578 § 1; Ord. 2013-472 § 1; Ord. 06-333 § 5).

2.32.080 Staff support.

The director of community development shall appoint a staff liaison coordinator to support the work of the community activities commission and shall hire consultants to support the technical needs of the community activities commission, as authorized by budget appropriations. (Ord. 2019-578 § 1; Ord. 2013-472 § 1; Ord. 06-333 § 5).