Chapter 6.08


6.08.010    King County animal care and control ordinance adopted by reference.

6.08.020    Dogs at large – Requirement of leash or chain.

6.08.030    Unlawful to run at large.

6.08.040    Waiver.

6.08.050    Enforcement.

6.08.010 King County animal care and control ordinance adopted by reference.

The King County animal care and control ordinance, King County Code Title 11, state of Washington, as now or hereafter amended by King County, is adopted by reference as and for the animal control of this city as if set forth in full herein, with the exception of the provisions of Chapter 11.08 of the King County Code, which chapter is expressly deleted. If a conflict arises between the King County animal care and control ordinance and Newcastle Municipal Code, Newcastle Municipal Code shall rule; provided, however, the fees adopted by King County shall rule. (Ord. 2010-424 § 4).

6.08.020 Dogs at large – Requirement of leash or chain.

It shall be unlawful for any owner or custodian to cause, permit or allow any dog owned, harbored, controlled or kept by him in the city to roam, run or stray away from the premises where the dog is owned, harbored, controlled or kept, except that while away from the premises, the dog shall (A) at all times be controlled by means of a leash or chain not exceeding eight feet in length by the owner or some duly authorized and competent person; provided, that such leash or chain is not required for any dog when otherwise safely and securely confined or completely controlled while in or upon any vehicle, or (B) be at heel of such owner or custodian. “At heel” shall mean that the dog shall be immediately at the owner’s or custodian’s heel. This section shall not apply to dogs which are in special areas designated by the city as dog training areas and as long as the regulations of the city, or its authorized representative, with respect to the use of such areas are complied with and said dogs are under the custody and control of a competent trainer. (Ord. 2010-424 § 4).

6.08.030 Unlawful to run at large.

It shall be unlawful for any livestock, dog, or other animal, except for cats and wildlife classified under RCW 77.12.020 and regulations promulgated thereunder, to run at large on any street, alley or public place or to trespass upon any private property within the limits of the city. It shall be unlawful for the owner of any such animal or any person who has control of the animal or to whom custody of the animal has been entrusted, to knowingly or negligently permit the animal to run at large in violation of this section. (Ord. 2010-424 § 4).

6.08.040 Waiver.

The prohibition of domestic animals in posted city parks may be waived for special occasions. The public works director is authorized to issue permits to allow the presence of certain animals for specific functions on parks grounds. (Ord. 2010-424 § 4).

6.08.050 Enforcement.

The city manager and his/her designees and the animal control division of King County is designated the agency authorized to enforce the provisions of this chapter, as provided by the King County animal care and control ordinance described in NMC 6.08.010. (Ord. 2010-424 § 4).