Chapter 12.60


12.60.010    Policy.

12.60.020    Administrative procedures.

12.60.030    Pricing modifications.

12.60.040    Scholarship fund account.

12.60.050    Rental fee.

12.60.010 Policy.

A. Recreation Scholarship Fund. A scholarship fund has been established to give those with low income the opportunity to participate in recreation programs. The money for this fund comes from donations from businesses, service organizations, or private individuals. Applications for scholarships will be processed and granted in accordance with criteria established by resolution.

B. Recreational Scholarships. Additional opportunities for low-income families to participate in recreational services, programs and community centers may be provided by the city by way of social service grants, reviewed and awarded pursuant to Resolution 209 and NMC 2.32.050, as may hereafter be amended.

C. Low Income. For the purpose of these policies “low income” is defined by using the Department of Social Services current family income standard of need (NMC 12.60.030).

D. Residential Preferences. Priority scheduling will be given to residents of the city of Newcastle for facility and building rentals and spaces for participation in recreational programs. (Ord. 2004-291 § 2; Ord. 2000-229 § 2; Ord. 99-198 § 2; Ord. 96-101 § 1).

12.60.020 Administrative procedures.

The city manager is hereby authorized to implement such administrative procedures as may be necessary to carry out the policies set forth in Exhibit A. (Ord. 96-101 § 2).

12.60.030 Pricing modifications.

A. The city manager is authorized to make pricing modifications to reflect the needs of special populations including seniors, low income persons, and physically or mentally challenged persons.

B. Standard of Assistance – Need Standards. (WAC 388-250-1250). Effective September 1, 1994, the department shall determine the statewide monthly need standard for a household with an obligation to pay shelter to be:

Recipient in Household

Need Standard


$  752


$  951

















(Ord. 96-101 § 3).

12.60.040 Scholarship fund account.

A scholarship fund account is established to receive donations from individuals to be distributed to assist those with low income. (Ord. 96-101 § 4).

12.60.050 Rental fee.

A rental fee shall be charged for use of city owned facilities in an amount established by resolution. (Ord. 96-101 § 5).