Chapter 1.12


1.12.010    Established.

1.12.020    Elevation.

1.12.010 Established.

The mark or level set or cut on the east wall at the south end of the brick building at the northwest corner of Washington Avenue and Fourth Street, which is marked “B.M. 2128” and which is the level of the U.S. Geological Survey bench mark set on the Washington-Idaho state line at the northeast corner of Lot 1, Section 19, Township 31 North, Range 46, East Willamette Meridian, state of Washington, is established as a bench mark or datum point for all street grades in the city. (Ord. 50 § 1, 1905)

1.12.020 Elevation.

The elevation of the datum point or bench mark is, for the purpose of running all street grades and other like purposes, assumed to be 2,128 feet above sea level. (Ord. 50 § 2, 1905)