Chapter 2.21


2.21.010    Statutory authority.

2.21.020    Purpose.

2.21.030    Funding.

2.21.040    Authority to sign contracts.

2.21.010 Statutory authority.

RCW 35.21.703 as amended, entitled “Economic Development Programs,” provides that:

It shall be in the public purpose for all cities to engage in economic development programs. In addition, cities may contract with nonprofit corporations in furtherance of this and other acts relating to economic development.

And RCW 35.21.700, as amended, entitled “Tourist Promotion,” provides that:

Any city or town in this state acting through its council or other legislative body shall have power to expend moneys and conduct promotion or resources and facilities in the city or town, or general area, by advertising, publicizing, or otherwise distributing information for the purpose of attracting visitors and encouraging tourist expansion.

(Ord. 721 § 1, 1988)

2.21.020 Purpose.

The purpose for entering into contracts with nonprofit organizations particularly attuned to economic development and tourist promotion is to provide the necessary assistance and expertise that will enable the city to attain economic planning goals by strengthening community economic stability and diversification through economic development programs and tourist promotion. (Ord. 721 § 2, 1988)

2.21.030 Funding.

The hotel/motel tax fund and current expense fund are designated funding sources for the services identified herein. Organizations under contract shall submit a request for funds on or before September 28th of each year. The council shall allocate moneys in such amounts as the council deems appropriate. (Ord. 721 § 3, 1988)

2.21.040 Authority to sign contracts.

The mayor is authorized to sign contracts and only upon final approval of the payment, terms and conditions set forth in said contracts. (Ord. 721 § 4, 1988)