Chapter 8.02


8.02.010    Purpose.

8.02.020    Solid waste planning.

8.02.030    Solid waste management goals and priorities.

8.02.010 Purpose.

The purpose of this chapter is to establish solid waste regulations, and to identify the type of services required within the corporate limits of the city for the processing and final disposal of solid waste. (Ord. 769 § 1, 1990)

8.02.020 Solid waste planning.

The city will jointly participate in a comprehensive solid waste management plan to be coordinated by the county in order to support and enhance city, county and regional solid waste management; provided, however, that the city does not abrogate any of its powers to regulate levels and types of services within the corporate limits of the city. Implementing ordinances and regulations shall be passed by the city pursuant to Section 10 of the Washington Solid Waste Act of 1989. (Ord. 769 § 1, 1990)

8.02.030 Solid waste management goals and priorities.

A. The city has determined that the following priorities for the collection, handling and management of solid waste are necessary and should be followed in descending order as applicable:

1. Waste reduction;

2. Recycling, with source separation of recyclable materials as the preferred method:

3. Energy recovery, incineration, or landfill of separated waste;

4. Energy recovery, incineration, or landfill of mixed waste.

B. It is the city’s goal to reach and maintain at least a 50 percent recycling rate by 1995. Recycle programs implemented within the city must attempt to make recycling as affordable and convenient as mixed waste disposal. (Ord. 769 § 1, 1990)