Chapter 8.29


8.29.010    Emergency fireworks ban on use.

8.29.020    Discharge of personal fireworks prohibited.

8.29.030    Penalty for violations.

8.29.010 Emergency fireworks ban on use.

A. The fire chief may prohibit the discharge of all fireworks during periods of extreme fire danger. Such prohibition may be initiated by either the fire chief’s own professional opinion and analysis of the fire danger, or upon request by the mayor or city council that the fire chief evaluate the danger and make such a prohibition.

B. For the purpose of this section, the term “extreme fire danger” shall mean a period of hot, dry weather, accompanied by low fuel moistures. It is during this period that wildland fires can be expected, and fire growth would be accelerated. (Ord. 2101 § 1, 2022)

8.29.020 Discharge of personal fireworks prohibited.

The use or discharge of fireworks by any person in all city parks and city-owned facilities and grounds, other than display fireworks authorized under a permit issued by the fire chief, is prohibited. (Ord. 2101 § 1, 2022)

8.29.030 Penalty for violations.

A. Any person who violates any of the provisions of this chapter is guilty of a Class 1 civil infraction. In accordance with RCW 7.80.160, the city may pursue misdemeanor charges for failure to respond to a civil infraction.

B. The imposition of one penalty for any violation shall not excuse the violation or permit it to continue; and all such persons shall be required to correct or remedy such violations within a reasonable time; and when not otherwise specified, each day that prohibited conditions are maintained shall constitute a separate offense. (Ord. 2101 § 1, 2022)