Chapter 2.58


2.58.010    Policy.

2.58.020    Authority.

2.58.030    Programs established.

2.58.040    Implementation.

2.58.050    Programs subject to budget allocation.

2.58.010 Policy.

It shall be the policy of the city of Normandy Park to allow recognition and expression of its appreciation, in a manner appropriate for a governmental agency, to those employees, elected officials and volunteers who are responsible for the delivery of high quality services to the citizens and customers of the city. (Ord. 856 § 1, 2010).

2.58.020 Authority.

The awards program approved and adopted by this chapter is authorized by RCW Title 35A and the general powers granted to cities, including but not limited to RCW 35A.13.090. (Ord. 883 § 4, 2012; Ord. 856 § 2, 2010).

2.58.030 Programs established.

The city hereby establishes programs of awards and recognition to stimulate and reward employees, elected officials and volunteers of the city of Normandy Park for achievement, distinguished service, participation in health and wellness activities, as well as acts of valor, to the citizens and property owners of the city of Normandy Park, which are of benefit to the city. The city manager or city manager’s designee shall be responsible for setting eligibility requirements, implementing the different programs, identifying employees, elected officials and volunteers who will be honored, notifying the presenter, ordering the awards, and arranging for appropriate announcements and publication of awards, both internally and externally. The value of an award may not exceed $100.00 in 2010. This amount may be adjusted annually based on subsequent increases in the Consumer Price Index for Seattle (CPI-Seattle). (Ord. 856 § 3, 2010).

2.58.040 Implementation.

Eligible participants will receive a service award on the anniversary of their hire date. During the first year of the program, employees with one to four years of service will receive the one-year recognition item; employees with five to nine years of service will receive the five-year recognition item; employees with 10 to 19 years of service will receive the 10-year recognition item; and employees with 20 plus years of service will receive the 20-year recognition item. In future years, employees will receive service awards only for their actual one-, five-, 10-, and 20-year anniversary dates. (Ord. 856 § 4, 2010).

2.58.050 Programs subject to budget allocation.

The programs shall be subject to the availability of budgeted funds as determined by the city council when setting the biennial budget for the city or any amendments thereto. (Ord. 856 § 5, 2010).