Chapter 2.84


2.84.010    Office established – Compensation – Removal.

2.84.020    Duties.

2.84.010 Office established – Compensation – Removal.

There is hereby established the office of hearing examiner. The hearing examiner shall be appointed by the city council upon recommendation of the city manager, and shall serve for a four-year term. The hearing examiner shall be an attorney admitted to the practice of law in Washington State who has special training, education or experience in land use law or a senior planning professional with additional training and experience in land use. The hearing examiner shall be paid at an hourly rate established either in the budget of the city or in a contract negotiated between the hearing examiner and the city manager administering the appointment on behalf of the council. The hearing examiner may be removed from office prior to the expiration of his term only by a majority vote of the council, upon a finding of cause, following a public hearing. (Ord. 783 § 1, 2006).

2.84.020 Duties.

The duties of the hearing examiner shall be to conduct such hearings and proceedings and have such decision-making authority as may be delegated to the hearing examiner by this code. The hearing examiner shall adopt rules to govern the conduct of such hearings and proceedings consistent with the authority delegated. (Ord. 924 § 2(A), 2015; Ord. 831 § 1, 2009; Ord. 783 § 1, 2006).