Chapter 17.20


17.20.010    General requirements.

17.20.020    Specific requirements.

17.20.030    Water system adequacy.

17.20.040    Diagram of water system.

17.20.050    Sewer system.

17.20.010 General requirements.

The following provisions contain general requirements to be met in preparation of the proposed plat:

(1) The proposed plat shall be prepared by a licensed civil engineer or land surveyor in accordance with the requirements established herein;

(2) The maps, drawings and date of the proposed plat shall be of size eight and one-half inches by 11 inches or whole multiples thereof, including borders;

(3) The map of the proposed plat shall be drawn with a vertical scale of 20 feet to the inch and horizontal of 100 feet, or less, to the inch;

(4) All maps shall show the date, scale and the directions of north, referenced to Washington Lambert Grid, North Zone;

(5) Any of the specified maps may be combined in any way which will clearly show the information required. (Ord. 191 § 5(A), 1967).

17.20.020 Specific requirements.

The proposed plat shall contain or be accompanied by the following information:

(1) Proposed name of the plat;

(2) Name and address of the developer;

(3) Name, address and seal of the registered engineer or land surveyor who prepared the plat drawings;

(4) Location of the land to be platted by section, township and range, and legal description as shown in the records of the county auditor;

(5) Land use classification as established by zoning ordinances on all property shown;

(6) Names and addresses of all owners and of the actual residents of the property within 400 feet of the perimeter of the plat;

(7) The relative location of all lots and tracts contiguous to the proposed plat and the names and addresses of the owners of these lots and tracts as shown by the records of the county auditor;

(8) The existing monuments of record which will be used in the plat survey;

(9) Contours with intervals of five feet or less referenced to the United States Coast and Geodetic Survey Datum;

(10) Existing easements of record within the tract;

(11) The outline of all existing buildings within the tract and their relationship to proposed lot lines;

(12) Layout and dimensions of lots with each lot identified by number;

(13) Indication of all land areas to be used for purposes other than residential building sites. The nature, conditions and limitations of such uses shall be indicated;

(14) Permanent cased survey monuments as specified by the city engineer shall be indicated;

(15) Layout and dimensions of all easements;

(16) Layout and dimensions and profiles of proposed streets; and

(17) Stormwater drainage system. (Ord. 191 § 5(B), 1967).

17.20.030 Water system adequacy.

Application for tentative approval shall be accompanied by written evidence from the appropriate water supplier that water is available and will be furnished to serve the proposed water distribution system. (Ord. 191 § 5(C), 1967).

17.20.040 Diagram of water system.

A diagram shall be prepared showing the proposed water distribution system. Fire hydrants shall be located in accordance with zone one fire protection district requirements. (Ord. 191 § 5(D), 1967).

17.20.050 Sewer system.

Where platted land lies within a sanitary sewer improvement or has reasonable access to same, a diagram shall be prepared showing the proposed sewage disposal system.

Where platted land does not have reasonable access to a sanitary sewer improvement and lies outside a sanitary sewer improvement a letter from the city health officer is required indicating that septic tanks or other methods of handling wastes can be installed. (Ord. 191 § 5(E), 1967).