Chapter 18.16


18.16.010    Adoption – Filing.

18.16.020    Interpretation.

18.16.030    Annexation – Land use restrictions.

18.16.040    Annexation – Comprehensive plan study – Amendment required.

18.16.010 Adoption – Filing.

There is adopted an official zoning map for the city upon which are delineated the location, size, shape, area and boundaries of the zones or use districts to which the provisions of the text of this title are applicable, and such map, or amendments thereof, adopted by the city council, authenticated by signature of the mayor or two members of the city council and the city clerk, shall be a part of this title, and shall be mounted in a conspicuous place in the city hall. A certified copy of such map and the ordinance codified herein, or amendments thereto, shall be filed with the county auditor before the same shall become effective. (Ord. 90 § 1.04.010, 1958).

18.16.020 Interpretation.

The boundaries of the zones, except where otherwise referenced, are intended to follow the lines of recorded lots, centerlines of streets and alleys, and the center of the waterways and bays. (Ord. 90 § 1.05.010, 1958).

18.16.030 Annexation – Land use restrictions.

The use of all land hereinafter annexed to the city shall continue to be regulated by the identical land use restrictions existing on such land by King County’s land use regulations immediately before such annexation became effective, pending study, public hearing and reclassification, if any, under the city’s ordinances. (Ord. 238 § 1, 1970).

18.16.040 Annexation – Comprehensive plan study – Amendment required.

The comprehensive plan of the city shall be studied and amended following such annexation to include the newly annexed area and to indicate the plan for the development and use thereof.

(1) If there had been no study of the area by the planning commission prior to the annexation, a study and hearings thereon shall be conducted by the planning commission prior to recommendation of the proposed plans to the city council.

(2) If the annexation had been accomplished through procedures authorized under RCW 35A.14.330 and 35A.14.340, the comprehensive land use plan shall be amended to conform to the plan theretofore approved.

(3) If, prior to annexation, there had been a study, public hearings and recommendation of a plan for the area proposed to be annexed, the council, without further planning commission hearings, may approve the plan theretofore recommended by the planning commission. (Ord. 883 § 10, 2012; Ord. 238 § 2, 1970)