Chapter 18.33


18.33.010    Purpose.

18.33.020    Applicability.

18.33.030    Application requirements.

18.33.040    Conditional use required.

18.33.050    Concomitant agreement.

18.33.010 Purpose.

The purpose of this chapter is to provide for regulations regarding enhanced services facilities (ESFs), as defined by NPMC 18.08.050, while ensuring that adequate public facilities are available to the residents of these facilities, mitigate incompatibilities between dissimilar uses, and to promote the public health, safety and general welfare. (Ord. 1016 § 3, 2021).

18.33.020 Applicability.

The standards in this chapter apply to all enhanced services facilities as defined in NPMC 18.08.050. (Ord. 1016 § 3, 2021).

18.33.030 Application requirements.

(1) Preapplication Community Meeting. Prior to submitting an application for an ESF to the city, the applicant shall hold a public informational meeting with adjacent community members. The purpose of the meeting is to provide an early, open dialogue between the applicant and the neighborhood surrounding the proposed facility. The meeting should acquaint the neighbors of the proposed facility with the operators and provide for an exchange of information about the proposal and the community, including the goals, mission, and operation and maintenance plans for the proposed facility; the background of the operator, including their capacity to own, operate, and manage the proposed facility; and the characteristics of the surrounding community and any particular issues or concerns of which the operator should be made aware. The applicant shall provide written notification of the meeting to the appropriate neighborhood council, qualified neighborhood and community organizations, and to the owners of property located within 300 feet of the project site at least 14 days in advance.

(2) Preapplication Site Inspection. Prior to submitting an application for an ESF to the city, the applicant shall allow for an inspection by the appropriate building inspector and appropriate fire marshal to determine if the facility meets the building and fire code standards for the proposed use. The purpose of this inspection is not to ensure that a facility meets the applicable code requirements or to force an applicant to bring a proposed facility up to applicable standards prior to application for a conditional use permit, but instead is intended to ensure that the applicant, the city, and the public are aware, prior to making application, of the building modifications, if any, that would be necessary to establish the use.

(3) City Business License. All ESF applicants are required to obtain a city of Normandy Park business license as well as demonstrate compliance with all licensing requirements pursuant to Chapter 70.97 RCW, or as amended by the state legislature.

(4) Management Plan. All ESF applicants shall submit a written management plan for the city’s review and approval. At a minimum, a management plan shall address the following components:

(a) Identify potential impact(s) on nearby residential uses and proposed methods to mitigate those impacts;

(b) Identify the project management or agency responsible for the support staff and who will be available to resolve concerns pertaining to the facility. The plan shall specify procedures for updating any changes in contact information;

(c) Identify staffing, supervision and security arrangements appropriate to the facility. A 24-hour on-site supervisor is required;

(d) Identify a communications plan in the event that information to the surrounding neighborhood would be needed throughout the time the ESF is in operation;

(e) Provide for a maintenance plan which will provide for the exterior of the building and site to be maintained at a level that will not detract from the character of the surrounding area, including adequate provision for litter control and solid waste disposal;

(f) Demonstrate knowledge of the city’s property maintenance and public nuisance codes, and plans to educate the facility staff. (Ord. 1016 § 3, 2021).

18.33.040 Conditional use required.

ESFs shall be reviewed as a conditional use permit and subject to the review process as outlined in Chapter 18.22 NPMC. (Ord. 1016 § 3, 2021).

18.33.050 Concomitant agreement.

Upon issuance of a permit for an enhanced services facility, the applicant shall sign and record with the King County auditor a notarized concomitant agreement. Such agreement shall be in a form specified by the community development director and subject to the approval of the city attorney, and shall include as a minimum: the legal description of the property which has been permitted for the enhanced services facility, and the conditions of the permit and applicable standards and limitations. The property owner shall submit proof that the concomitant agreement has been recorded prior to issuance of a certificate of occupancy by the community development department. The concomitant agreement shall run with the land as long as the facility is maintained on the property. The property owner may, at any time, apply to the community development department for termination of the agreement. Such termination shall be granted upon proof that the facility no longer exists on the property. (Ord. 1016 § 3, 2021).