Chapter 18.48


18.48.010    Restoration.

18.48.020    Outside projections.

18.48.040    Separate dwelling unit on same lot.

18.48.010 Restoration.

Nothing in this title shall be construed to prevent the strengthening or restoring to safe condition of any part of any building or structure declared unsafe by the building inspector nor relieve any person of the responsibility or the necessity of complying with building requirements. (Ord. 90 § 1.05.013, 1958).

18.48.020 Outside projections.

Outside stairways, fire escapes, fire towers, porches, platforms, balconies, flues or other projections attached to and a part of the principal building shall be considered as part of the building and not a part of the yards or courts or unoccupied spaces; provided, however, that this provision shall not apply to sidewalks, threshold steps or steps in a walk on or in the finished grade of the yard. (Ord. 264 § 3, 1973; Ord. 90 § 1.05.021, 1958).

18.48.040 Separate dwelling unit on same lot.

In all zones where separate dwellings are provided for the use of domestic employees of the owner, lessees, or occupants of the main one-family building, on the same zoning or building lot with the main building, they shall be considered accessory buildings, and if such accessory building contains a complete housekeeping unit or units, such shall conform to all of the height and yard requirements for dwellings in the zone in which they are to be located. (Ord. 90 § 1.05.012, 1958).