Chapter 18.60


18.60.010    Determination.

18.60.020    Combination of any two uses.

18.60.010 Determination.

The hearing examiner* shall determine the appropriateness of any use to any zone not clearly indicated as a permitted use in the zone and such determination shall be based upon its interpretation of the essential use declaration of the zone in which the applicant proposes to establish the particular use. Such determination by the hearing examiner shall come within the purview of its review jurisdiction under Chapter 18.20 NPMC. (Ord. 90 § 1.05.011, 1958).

*Code reviser’s note: Ordinances 783 and 831 replaced the board of adjustment with the hearing examiner position.

18.60.020 Combination of any two uses.

Whenever there is a combination of any two uses, the more intensive use shall be deemed to constitute the classification and character of use in the particular building and/or structure. (Ord. 90 § 1.05.015, 1958).