Chapter 18.02


18.02.010    Title – Authority.

18.02.020    Purpose.

18.02.010 Title – Authority.

This title and maps shall be known as, and may be cited and referred to as, “The North Bend Comprehensive Zoning Code” in accordance with and exercising the authority of Chapter 44, Laws of 1935, Laws of the State of Washington, and among others things, enables the city to:

A. Regulate and restrict the location and use of buildings, structures, and land for residence, trade, commerce, industrial and other purposes;

B. Regulate the height, number of stories, size, construction, and design of buildings and other structures; the size of yards, courts and other open spaces; the density of population; and the setback of buildings along public streets and road rights-of-way, parks, and waterfront;

C. For any or all of such purposes divide the city or any portion thereof into districts of such size, shape and area or establish such official maps as may be deemed best suited to carry out the regulations and provide for their enforcement. (Ord. 1256 § 1 (part), 2006: Ord. 1020 (part), 1997).

18.02.020 Purpose.

The zoning regulations are deemed necessary in order to:

A. Promote the interest of health, safety, morals and the general welfare;

B. Secure safety from fire and to provide adequate open spaces for light and air;

C. Prevent the overcrowding of land;

D. Avoid undue concentration of population;

E. Conserve and stabilize property values;

F. Facilitate the adequate provision of transportation, water, sewerage, schools, parks and other public requirements, and to carry out the goals and objectives as set forth in Chapter 44, Laws of 1935, and other applicable laws of the state of Washington;

G. Implement provisions of North Bend’s comprehensive plan and elements thereof;

H. Meet requirements of Washington State’s Growth Management Act. (Ord. 1256 § 1 (part), 2006: Ord. 1020 (part), 1997).


Prior legislation: Ord. 336.