Chapter 18.08


18.08.010    Official zoning map – Designated.

18.08.020    Boundaries and boundary interpretation.

18.08.010 Official zoning map – Designated.

The locations and boundaries of the zoning districts shall be as shown on the map accompanying and made a part of this title, entitled “Official Zoning Map, North Bend, Washington.” The official zoning map and all the notations, references, and amendments thereto and other information shown thereon are made a part of this title just as if such information set forth on the map were fully described and set out herein. The official zoning map, attested by the signature of the mayor and the clerk, with the seal of the municipality affixed, shall be kept on file in the office of the clerk, and shall be available for inspection by the public. (Ord. 1020 (part), 1997: Ord. 336 § 5.01, 1970).

18.08.020 Boundaries and boundary interpretation.

The boundaries of the districts are shown upon the official zoning map. Where uncertainty exists as to boundaries of any district shown on the map, the following rules shall apply.

A. Where district boundaries are indicated as approximately following street lines, alley lines, or lot lines, such lines shall be construed to be such boundaries;

B. In subdivided property or where a district boundary divides a lot, the location of such boundary, unless the same is indicated by dimensions, shall be determined by use of the scale appearing on the map. Where a district boundary line, as appearing on the official zoning map, divides a lot in a single ownership, which is of record at the time of this enactment, the district requirement for the least restricted portion of such lot shall be deemed to apply to the whole thereof; provided, that such extension shall not include any part of such lot more than 35 feet beyond the district boundary line;

C. Where any street, road, or alley is hereafter officially vacated or abandoned, the regulations applicable to each parcel of abutting property shall apply to that portion of such street, road, or alley added to the property by virtue of such vacation or abandonment;

D. All lands not classified according to the established district classifications on the official zoning map, and all lands not shown on the map, shall be classified as low-density residential (LDR), pending study, public hearing, and specific classifications;

E. All land hereafter annexed to the city shall be considered tentatively as having the zone (district) classification shown within the North Bend 1995 Comprehensive Plan, Proposed Zoning Map (Map 2B), as amended if applicable, pending study, public hearing and specific classification concurrent with annexation to the city. (Ord. 1020 (part), 1997: Ord. 336 §§ 5.02, 5.03, 1970).