Chapter 7.24


7.24.010    Housing and confinement required.

7.24.020    Pigeon associations exempt.

7.24.010 Housing and confinement required.

It is unlawful for any person, firm or corporation to keep or maintain pigeons within the limits of the city of Oak Harbor unless the same are housed and confined in such a manner as to prevent their escape at any time from said confinement. (Ord. 1710 § 6, 2015; Ord. 401 § 7, 1974).

7.24.020 Pigeon associations exempt.

It is lawful for any member of a recognized national, state or local pigeon association to keep, house and allow to fly for exercise and training within the corporate limits of the city of Oak Harbor, for racing, carrier, homing or air performance, pigeons which are banded with numbered leg bands showing the same to be registered with such association and provided that such pigeons are not kept so as to constitute a nuisance or create a hazard to public health. (Ord. 1710 § 6, 2015; Ord. 401 § 7, 1974).