Chapter 13.08


13.08.020    Comprehensive water system plan.

13.08.030    Displacement of waterworks appurtenances – Notice – Liability.

13.08.040    Access to premises for inspection.

13.08.050    Addition of fluoride – Administration.

13.08.020 Comprehensive water system plan.

The city supervisor is directed to prepare a comprehensive plan for the city of Oak Harbor water supply and distribution system. A copy of the plan shall be available to the public at the utility office. The plan shall include:

(1) Minimum main sizes allowable on all city streets;

(2) Minimum main sizes and the planned distribution system in the water service area;

(3) The location of all existing facilities;

(4) Such other information as the council may require. (Ord. 403 § 3, 1975).

13.08.030 Displacement of waterworks appurtenances – Notice – Liability.

Any person, contractor, corporation, or any municipal department performing construction work in or on any street or utility right-of-way shall give the superintendent two days’ written notice in the event it becomes necessary to remove or change any water mains, pipes or appurtenances. Damage to any part of the water system shall make such person, contractor, corporation, or agency liable to the water department for the cost of necessary repairs and replacements. (Ord. 403 § 11, 1975).

13.08.040 Access to premises for inspection.

Authorized employees of the water department, properly identified, shall have access at reasonable hours of the day to all premises and parts thereof to which water is served from the city water system.

If an authorized city employee is refused admittance to make an inspection, water service may be discontinued immediately. (Ord. 403 § 12, 1975).

13.08.050 Addition of fluoride – Administration.

A source of fluoridation approved by the State Department of Health shall be added to the water supply of the city of Oak Harbor under the rules and regulations of the Washington State Board of Health, such addition to be administered in a manner approved by the State Director of Public Health. (Ord. 403 § 27, 1975).