Chapter 13.16


13.16.010    Application for service.

13.16.020    Emergency interruption of service.

13.16.030    Mains and service connections – Work by authorized personnel only.

13.16.040    Mains and services – Distance from sanitary sewers.

13.16.050    Mains and service connections – Ownership.

13.16.010 Application for service.

All applications for water service shall be made at the office of the utility department or such other place designated by the city supervisor. The application shall be made by the owner or an agent of the owner of the property to be served. The applicant shall state the purposes for which the water is to be used. The applicant must agree to abide by the rules and regulations which may be established from time to time. The applicant must agree that the city shall have the right at any time, without notice, to shut off the water supply for repairs, extension, or nonpayment of rates, and the city shall not be responsible for any damage whatever resulting directly or indirectly from the shutting off of the water. (Ord. 403 § 4, 1975).

13.16.020 Emergency interruption of service.

In case of an emergency, or whenever the public health, safety or equitable distribution of water so demands, the superintendent may reduce or limit the time for, or temporarily discontinue, the use of water. Water service may be temporarily discontinued for purposes of making repairs, extensions, or doing other necessary work. Before so changing, reducing, limiting, or discontinuing the use of water, the superintendent shall notify, insofar as practicable, all water consumers affected. The city shall not be responsible for any damage resulting from interruption, change, or failure of the water supply. (Ord. 403 § 10, 1975).

13.16.030 Mains and service connections – Work by authorized personnel only.

Only employees of the water department or contractors authorized by the superintendent or the city supervisor shall be allowed to do any work on the city mains or service connections. (Ord. 403 § 13, 1975).

13.16.040 Mains and services – Distance from sanitary sewers.

All water mains, service lines and other waterworks appurtenances which carry water shall be located a sufficient distance to prevent contamination, both horizontally and vertically, from any sanitary sewer. All water installations are subject to the approval of the superintendent. (Ord. 403 § 14, 1975).

13.16.050 Mains and service connections – Ownership.

The ownership of all water mains, and all appurtenances thereto located within the city of Oak Harbor’s water service area must be vested in the city’s water department. Any developer, person, firm or corporation who has constructed any water mains because of platting and/or other requirements must relinquish all ownership interest in that part of the system that he has constructed before any water service connection will be supplied water from the city mains. (Ord. 403 § 15, 1975)