Chapter 19.60


19.60.010    Planning director.

19.60.020    Records.

19.60.030    Permits issued contrary to this title.

19.60.040    Certificate of occupancy and nonconforming uses.

19.60.050    Uses.

19.60.010 Planning director.

The planning director shall be responsible for enforcing the provisions of this title. The planning director, and his duly authorized representatives, shall have the right to enter any building or enter upon any land during the daytime in the course of their duties in the enforcement of this title, upon showing proper identification and upon giving reasonable notice, subject to requirements of law. (Ord. 1555 § 25, 2009).

19.60.020 Records.

The planning director shall maintain in his office planning, zoning and environmental review records which shall be open to the public for inspection. The planning director shall keep a record of each and every identifiable complaint, the complaint of a violation of any of the provisions of this title, the action taken, consequent to any such complaint, which records shall be open to the public for inspection. (Ord. 1555 § 25, 2009).

19.60.030 Permits issued contrary to this title.

Any building permit, certificate of occupancy, or other authorization issued, granted or approved in violation of the provisions of this title shall be null and void and of no effect without the necessity of any proceedings for a revocation or nullification thereof, and any work undertaken or use established pursuant to any such building permit, certificate of occupancy, or other authorization shall be unlawful, and no action shall be taken by any board, officer, or any employee of the city purporting to validate any such violation. (Ord. 1555 § 25, 2009).

19.60.040 Certificate of occupancy and nonconforming uses.

All nonconforming uses of buildings or land shall, within one year of the date when said use of building or land becomes nonconforming, obtain a similar certificate of occupancy from the building official. The planning director shall make his best efforts to notify nonconforming users and inform them that they must apply for said certificate of occupancy, but his failure to do so shall not excuse the property owner from securing the certificate. Nonconforming uses of land and nonconforming buildings for which no certificate of occupancy has been issued within one year provided for herein, shall be conclusively presumed in violation of this title and may be abated as provided herein. (Ord. 1555 § 25, 2009).

19.60.050 Uses.

Before any application is taken for a zone change, a conditional use permit, a variance, an application for a planned residential development or an appeal from the planning director’s decision, a fee shall be paid as set forth in OHMC Title 3. (Ord. 1555 § 25, 2009).