Chapter 19.90


19.90.010    Purpose.

19.90.020    Site improvement assurance.

19.90.030    Maintenance of assurances.

19.90.040    Release of assurances.

19.90.050    Assurance administration.

19.90.010 Purpose.

The purpose of this chapter is to establish the requirements and procedures for assurances when required to ensure compliance with the zoning code when construction of improvements or landscaping is required. (Ord. 1555 § 31, 2009).

19.90.020 Site improvement assurance.

Before the building official approves and issues a temporary certificate of occupancy for a planned residential development, a site plan development, mobile home park or any other development for which improvements are required, either on site or off site to comply with the zoning code, the developer or owner of the property involved shall provide the city with a bond or other similar security in a form approved by the planning director adequate to ensure that the required on site and off site improvements will be completed before a final certificate of occupancy is issued. The bond or security shall be based on the full cost of the uncompleted, required site improvements including drainage and landscaping. (Ord. 1555 § 31, 2009).

19.90.030 Maintenance of assurances.

Before the building official approves the final certificate of occupancy, the developer or owner shall provide a bond or a similar security in a form approved by the planning director for 10 percent of the cost of the site improvements including drainage which shall be adequate to ensure the maintenance of the site improvements for one year after the site improvements are completed; provided, however, that the prorated security to ensure the maintenance of landscaping improvements shall be retained for a period of two years after the landscaping improvements are completed. (Ord. 1555 § 31, 2009).

19.90.040 Release of assurances.

The building official shall release the site improvements assurance only upon the approval of the planning director and only after the site improvements are complete and satisfactory and the developer or owner has provided the required maintenance assurance. The building official, upon approval by the planning director, shall release the maintenance assurance or portions thereof not obligated to ensure maintenance not performed not less than one year after the effective date of the assurance except in the case of a landscaping assurance which shall be two years. (Ord. 1555 § 31, 2009).

19.90.050 Assurance administration.

The planning director shall consult with the city attorney to determine the amount of the assurances on completion of phases of work, additional assurances for extensions of time and related matters. Assurances shall be kept in the custody of the city finance director. (Ord. 1555 § 31, 2009).