Chapter 8.24


8.24.010    Defined.

8.24.020    Installation—Location.

8.24.030    Installation—Cost—Power supply.

8.24.040    Response to alarm—Reports.

8.24.050    False alarm—Response fee.

8.24.060    False alarm—Natural causes.

8.24.010 Defined.

For the purpose of this chapter, the term “alarm systems” means any sound signal or light signal mechanism installed to alert the monitoring personnel of intruders, fire or smoke. (Ord. 181 (part), 1976)

8.24.020 Installation—Location.

The city may permit the installation of remote alarm systems within the department of safety services. The location of these alarm systems will be assigned by the director of safety services or his agent. (Ord. 181 § 1, 1976)

8.24.030 Installation—Cost—Power supply.

The alarm systems will be installed and maintained at no cost to the city. The electrical power will be furnished by the city. (Ord. 181 § 2, 1976)

8.24.040 Response to alarm—Reports.

The department of safety services will answer all alarms as soon as possible after alerted. A report will be made of each alarm to the director of safety services. (Ord. 181 § 3, 1976)

8.24.050 False alarm—Response fee.

In the event that the department of safety services answers an alarm system and it is found to be a false alarm, the director of safety services will advise the city clerk in the proper form. It shall be the duty of the city clerk to bill the custodial owner of the alarm system a fee of twenty-five dollars for the response given by the department of safety services. (Ord. 181 § 4, 1976)

8.24.060 False alarm—Natural causes.

False alarms caused strictly by natural reasons: power failure, storm damage, etc., shall not be a reason for a response fee. This exception shall be reviewed in each case by the director of safety services or his agent. (Ord. 181 § 5, 1976)