Chapter 12.16


12.16.010    Duty of the owner.

12.16.020    Assignment of numbers.

12.16.030    Street names and changes authorized.

12.16.040    Maintenance of the system.

12.16.050    Violation—Penalty.

12.16.060    Street list and map.

12.16.010 Duty of the owner.

It shall be the responsibility of the owner of every house or other building, except accessory structures that are part of the same property with a numbered house or building, to place the assigned street number in such a manner that the numbers are readable from the public street accessing the property. Said numbers are to be Arabic, at least five inches in height; and in a color that contrasts with the background. Those buildings that are not visible from the road shall install a post on the property line next to the driveway accessing the property and install the assigned street address.

Apartments, malls and other commercial buildings that accommodate more than one business or tenant with a common street address shall provide in addition to the five-inch Arabic numbering for the structure, five-inch Arabic numbering for the individual units.

Exceptions are granted to those owners of buildings having three-inch or larger Arabic numbers installed prior to adoption of the ordinance codified in this chapter that are readable from the public street accessing the property. (Ord. 621 (part), 1997: Ord. 476 § 1, 1989)

12.16.020 Assignment of numbers.

Numbers shall be assigned to all houses and buildings as well as lots within the corporate limits of the city based upon the following scheme:

A.    Official Map. The official map establishes base lines, divides Ocean Shores into four quarter sections, and sets forth a grid numbering system.

B.    Quadrant System. A quadrant street-numbering system depends on the use of base lines to divide the municipality into sections which are identified by the nearest appropriate compass designation. In this system a directional suffix or prefix is used with the street name to indicate the quadrant location of the street in question. Quadrants are north, south, east and west; other times they are designated as northwest, northeast, southwest, southeast.

C.    Base Lines. Base lines can be defined as those lines which divide a municipality into identifiable sectors, here the city’s North/South Base Line starts at the Ocean Lake Way beach approach continuing east to Over Lake Drive and along Over Lake Drive to the west corner of Division 23, Block 10, Track “K” continuing east along Sections 2 and 11 dividing line across Duck Lake to the west end of Pearsall Street and east to the bay. The East/West Base Line begins at the city entrance on Point Brown, continues south on Point Brown to Tonquin Street thence southeast to the State Game Preserve. Thus the city is divided into four quarter sections: northwest, northeast, southwest and southeast.

D.    If a city street begins and ends in a north-south direction, it is considered a north-south street, if it begins and ends in an east-west direction it is considered an east-west street. Address numbers on the north-south streets will have even numbers on the east side of the street and odd numbers on the west side. On east-west streets, even numbers will be assigned to the north side and odd numbers to the south side.

E.    Corner lots will receive an address which corresponds to the street that the principal entrance to the building fronts. On cul-de-sacs with five or fewer lots the numbers assigned will continue with those of the main street, where there are six or more lots then the numbers will continue with that of the main street but with the even, odd system. Multiple dwellings and malls will be assigned one number and the individual units or suites will be assigned letter designators, i.e., A, B, C, etc.

(Ord. 621 (part), 1997: Ord. 476 § 2, 1989)

12.16.030 Street names and changes authorized.

The city council, by resolution, may change, rename or name an existing or newly established street within the limits of the city at any time after the adoption of the ordinance codified in this chapter, upon recommendation of the public works coordinator. (Ord. 621 (part), 1997: Ord. 476 § 3, 1989)

12.16.040 Maintenance of the system.

The city public works department shall be responsible for the development and maintenance of maps indicating street names and house numbers. This department shall maintain a file of existing street names and be responsible for insuring that proposed street names are in conformance with this chapter and do not duplicate existing street names.

The building official of the city shall on all building permits for new residences, buildings, structures or places of business, excepting sheds and accessory buildings, assign an address number consistent with this chapter. (Ord. 621 (part), 1997: Ord. 476 § 4, 1989)

12.16.050 Violation—Penalty.

It is unlawful for the owner of any house or building to fail to number his house or building in accordance with the addressing system adopted by or pursuant to this chapter, and the knowing failure to place and maintain the proper clearly visible address numbers shall constitute a Class C offense. (Ord. 621 (part), 1997: Ord. 476 § 5, 1989)

12.16.060 Street list and map.

Each street and lot shall be named and addressed as follows:

A.    The list attached to the ordinance codified in this chapter entitled Alphabetical Street Names is approved and adopted as the true and correct list of all street names and locations within the corporate limits of the city.

B.    The attached map showing the locations of all streets and the street number for each lot within the corporate limits of the city is approved and adopted.

C.    The attached list and map shall each be dated with the date of the ordinance codified in this chapter and signed by the mayor verifying their adoption.

D.    Any subsequent amendments to the list or map shall be by resolution with attached copy of the amended list and/or map signed and dated by the city mayor.

E.    A true and correct copy of the address list and map in their most current form shall be maintained for public inspection by the city public works director.

(Ord. 621 (part), 1997: Ord. 498 § 1, 1990)