Chapter 13.04


13.04.010    Assumption of district.

13.04.020    Effective date.

13.04.030    City to assume district indebtedness.

13.04.040    Water fund.

13.04.050    City manager empowered to effect dissolution.

13.04.060    Retention of certain employees—Rights and benefits.

13.04.010 Assumption of district.

The city assumes jurisdiction over Grays Harbor County Water District No. 3 pursuant to RCW Chapter 35.13A, including but not limited to all real and personal property, franchises, rights, assets, taxes levied but not collected for the district for other than indebtedness, water and sewer lines, and all other facilities and equipment of the district, subject to all financial, statutory or contractual obligations of the district for the security or performance of which such property may have been pledged. (Ord. 158 § 1, 1975)

13.04.020 Effective date.

This assumption of jurisdiction shall become effective on April 1, 1975. (Ord. 158 § 2, 1975)

13.04.030 City to assume district indebtedness.

The city shall assume the obligation of paying such district indebtedness and of levying and of collecting or causing to be collected such district taxes, assessments and utility rates and charges of any kind or nature to pay and secure the payment of such indebtedness according to all the terms, conditions and covenants incident to such indebtedness, and shall assume and perform all other outstanding contractual obligations. (Ord. 158 § 3, 1975)

13.04.040 Water fund.

Any funds received by the city which have been collected for the purpose of paying any bonded or other indebtedness of the district shall be used for the purpose for which they were collected and for no other purpose. Any outstanding indebtedness shall be paid as provided in the bond covenants. All funds of the district on deposit with the county treasurer at the time of title transfer shall be used by the city solely for the benefit of the utility and shall not be transferred to or used for the benefit of the city’s general fund. There is established a special fund to be known as “the water fund.” (Ord. 158 § 4, 1975)

13.04.050 City manager empowered to effect dissolution.

The city manager is empowered pursuant to RCW 35.13A.080 to effect the dissolution of Grays Harbor County Water District No. 3. (Ord. 158 § 5, 1975)

13.04.060 Retention of certain employees—Rights and benefits.

The city manager is empowered to do everything necessary to comply with RCW 35.13A.090, which provides that the city shall retain certain employees of the water district and recognize certain employee rights and benefits. (Ord. 158 § 6, 1975)