Chapter 12.04


12.04.010    Plat book.

12.04.020    Accommodation of utilities.

12.04.030    Construction standards.

12.04.010 Plat book.

The official road plat book for the county shall be compiled on looseleaf tracing linen sheets measuring approximately 16-1/2 inches by 26-1/2 inches with one section by government land survey appearing on each sheet and drawn to a scale of 400 feet to one inch, and such road plat book shall be maintained in form of record. (Order C-714, 1916).

12.04.020 Accommodation of utilities.

Chapter 136-40 WAC, entitled “Regarding Accommodation of Utilities on County Road Right-of-Way” is adopted as the policy for accommodation of utilities for road and bridge construction in the county. (Res. 41-72, Y-354, 1972).

12.04.030 Construction standards.

The 1980 Edition of the “Standard Specifications For Road and Bridge Construction” of the state of Washington is adopted and used for all county road department public works contracts awarded after October 6, 1980, until such time a later edition may be adopted by the county. (Res. 58-80, 1980; Res. 10-77, 1977).