Chapter 16.08


16.08.005    Definitions generally.

16.08.008    Administrative delays.

16.08.010    Administrator.

16.08.015    Alley.

16.08.025    Block.

16.08.027    Boundary line adjustment.

16.08.030    Buildable lot.

16.08.035    Comprehensive plan.

16.08.040    County auditor.

16.08.045    County commission or board.

16.08.050    County road engineer.

16.08.055    County treasurer.

16.08.056    Critical areas.

16.08.060    Cul-de-sac.

16.08.061    Day.

16.08.063    Dead-end roadway.

16.08.065    Dedication (public).

16.08.070    Development standards.

16.08.075    Division of land.

16.08.080    Easement.

16.08.085    Final plat.

16.08.090    Hearings examiner.

16.08.095    Large lot segregations.

16.08.100    Legal lot.

16.08.103    Monument, lot corner.

16.08.104    Monument, permanent control.

16.08.105    Natural resource lands.

16.08.106    Parent parcel.

16.08.110    Planning commission.

16.08.115    Plat or regular plat.

16.08.120    Preliminary plat.

16.08.125    Primary access.

16.08.130    Private road.

16.08.135    Public purpose segregation.

16.08.140    Public road.

16.08.141    SEPA.

16.08.143    Shoreline jurisdiction.

16.08.145    Short plat.

16.08.150    Short subdivision.

16.08.155    Subdivider.

16.08.160    Subdivision.

16.08.165    Zero point.

16.08.170    Zoning/zoning code.

16.08.005 Definitions generally.

Whenever the words and phrases set forth in this chapter appear in this title, they shall be given the meaning attributed to them by this chapter. When not inconsistent with the context, words used in the present tense include the future; the singular includes the plural, and the plural the singular; “shall” is always mandatory and “may” indicates a use of discretion in making a decision. (Ord. 95-7 § 1, 1995).

16.08.008 Administrative delays.

Administrative delays include those actions taken by county, state, or federal officials, that cause the applicant to not be able to complete the platting process as a result of nonaction by a reviewing/commenting agency. (Ord. 95-7 § 1, 1995).

16.08.010 Administrator.

The Okanogan County office of planning and development director or the director’s designee. (Ord. 95-7 § 1, 1995).

16.08.015 Alley.

A strip of land dedicated to public use, not more than 20 feet nor less than eight feet in width, between property lines which provides access to adjacent properties. (Ord. 95-7 § 1, 1995).

16.08.025 Block.

A group of lots, tracts or parcels within well defined and fixed boundaries. (Ord. 95-7 § 1, 1995).

16.08.027 Boundary line adjustment.

An alteration by adjusting boundary lines, between platted or unplatted lots or both, which does not create any additional lot, tract, parcel, site or division or create any lot, tract, parcel, site, or division which contains insufficient lot area and dimension to meet density and lot size requirements of the applicable zoning for the area. For boundary line adjustment see OCC 16.04.080 for applicable process. (Ord. 95-7 § 1, 1995).

16.08.030 Buildable lot.

A lot upon which Okanogan County will issue a building permit in accordance with zoning and other applicable regulations. (Ord. 95-7 § 1, 1995).

16.08.035 Comprehensive plan.

The current comprehensive plan of Okanogan County, adopted by the board pursuant to state law. (Ord. 95-7 § 1, 1995).

16.08.040 County auditor.

The Okanogan County auditor authorized pursuant to Chapter 36.22 RCW as it now exists or is hereafter amended. (Ord. 95-7 § 1, 1995).

16.08.045 County commission or board.

The legislative authority of Okanogan County, authorized pursuant to Chapter 36.32 RCW as it now exists or is hereafter amended. (Ord. 95-7 § 1, 1995).

16.08.050 County road engineer.

The Okanogan County engineer, authorized pursuant to Chapter 36.80 RCW as it now exists or is hereafter amended. (Ord. 95-7 § 1, 1995).

16.08.055 County treasurer.

The Okanogan County treasurer, authorized pursuant to Chapter 36.29 RCW as it now exists or is hereafter amended. (Ord. 95-7 § 1, 1995).

16.08.056 Critical areas.

Critical areas include the following areas and ecosystems:

A. Wetlands;

B. Areas with a critical recharging effect on aquifers used for potable water;

C. Fish and wildlife habitat conservation areas;

D. Frequently flooded areas; and

E. Geologically hazardous areas. (Ord. 95-7 § 1, 1995).

16.08.060 Cul-de-sac.

The turn-around provided at the end of a dead- end roadway. (Ord. 95-7 § 1, 1995).

16.08.061 Day.

“Day” means calendar day. When any time period specified herein lapses on a weekend or holiday, that time period shall be extended to the close of business on the following calendar day. (Ord. 95-7 § 1, 1995).

16.08.063 Dead-end roadway.

A street or road having one end connected to an access street or road and the other end permanently closed. Dead-end roadways must provide a turn-around at the closed end. (Ord. 95-7 § 1, 1995).

16.08.065 Dedication (public).

The deliberate appropriation of land by an owner for any general and public uses, reserving to himself no other rights than such as are compatible with the full exercise and enjoyment of the public uses to which the property has been devoted. The intention to dedicate shall be evidenced by the owner by the presentment for filing of a final plat or short plat or other conveyance showing the dedication thereon; and the acceptance by the public shall be evidenced by the approval of such plat for filing by the appropriate authority. (Ord. 95-7 § 1, 1995).

16.08.070 Development standards.

Development standards include plans and ordinances adopted by Okanogan County to regulate physical development including, but not limited to, subdivision, zoning and critical areas. (Ord. 95-7 § 1, 1995).

16.08.075 Division of land.

Any transaction or action, not otherwise exempt or provided for under the provisions of this title, which alters or affects the shape, size or legal description of any part of an owner’s land. Sale of a condominium or rental or lease of a building, facility or structure which does not alter or affect the legal description of an owner’s land shall not constitute a division of land. (Ord. 95-7 § 1, 1995).

16.08.080 Easement.

A grant by a property owner to specific persons or to the public the right to use a designated portion of land for a specific purpose or purposes. Easements are only partial grants of authority over the subject property, the exact nature of which is normally explained by the terms of the easement. (Ord. 95-7 § 1, 1995).

16.08.085 Final plat.

The final drawing of the subdivision and dedications filed for the record with the county auditor and containing all elements and conforming to the requirements set forth in Chapter 58.17 RCW and this title. (Ord. 95-7 § 1, 1995).

16.08.090 Hearings examiner.

That person duly appointed by the board of county commissioners to conduct quasi-judicial hearings and other specified duties. (Ord. 95-7 § 1, 1995).

16.08.095 Large lot segregations.

When five or more parcels, the smallest parcel being at least 20 acres in size, or one thirty-second of a section of land, are created from a parent parcel or through a series of exempt actions (according to OCC 16.04.070(B)) that are physically or functionally related. (Ord. 2007-6 § 2, 2007; Ord. 95-7 § 1, 1995).

16.08.100 Legal lot.

A fractional part of subdivided lands having fixed boundaries, being of sufficient area and dimension to meet minimum zoning requirements for width and area. The term shall include tracts or parcels. (Ord. 95-7 § 1, 1995).

16.08.103 Monument, lot corner.

A five-eighths-inch by 24-inch rebar with a plastic cap or other legal method of identifying the land surveyor or a one-inch by 24-inch iron pipe with a plastic plug or other legal method of identifying the land surveyor; one-half-inch rebar may be used through December 31,1993. (Ord. 95-7 § 1, 1995).

16.08.104 Monument, permanent control.

A five-eighths-inch rebar, one-inch iron pipe or a brass or aluminum cap set in a concrete collar with the surveyors name and professional license number. If brass or aluminum caps are used, a piece of iron scrap shall be embedded in the concrete collar for magnetic detection. One-half-inch rebar may be used through December 31, 1993. (Ord. 95-7 § 1, 1995).

16.08.105 Natural resource lands.

Agricultural, forest and mineral resource lands which have long-term commercial significance. (Ord. 95-7 § 1, 1995).

16.08.106 Parent parcel.

Those lots, parcels or tracts of land that existed prior to January 1, 1987; and/or all lawfully established lots, parcels or tracts since that time. It is from said “parent parcel” that all subsequent lots, parcels or tracts are created, unless exempted by Chapter 58.17 RCW. (Ord. 95-7 §1, 1995).

16.08.110 Planning commission.

The Okanogan County regional planning commission established pursuant to Chapter 36.70 RCW. (Ord. 95-7 § 1, 1995).

16.08.115 Plat or regular plat.

A map or representation of a subdivision, showing thereon the division of a tract or parcel of land into lots, blocks, streets and alleys or other divisions and dedications. (Ord. 95-7 § 1, 1995).

16.08.120 Preliminary plat.

A neat and approximate drawing of a proposed subdivision showing the general layout of streets and alleys, lots, blocks, and other elements of a subdivision consistent with the requirements of Chapter 58.17 RCW and this title. The preliminary plat shall serve as the basis for the approval or disapproval of the general layout of a subdivision. (Ord. 95-7 § 1, 1995).

16.08.125 Primary access.

The principal means of gaining vehicular access to a parcel of land, regardless of the relative length of the parcel’s property line adjacent to the road or private road serving the parcel. (Ord. 95-7 § 1, 1995).

16.08.130 Private road.

Land in private ownership, either held by an individual or an association of individuals, and used for travel of vehicles, but not by other persons; such roads are not maintained by Okanogan County or any other public agency or government unit. (Ord. 95-7 § 1, 1995).

16.08.135 Public purpose segregation.

A division made for the purpose of creating a portion of property to be deeded to the county, any city, taxing district, governmental body, utility company or nonprofit community organization or foundation (whose articles or bylaws allow it to hold land for public use and benefit) for a designated use providing the remaining portion of property has sufficient lot area, dimensions and meets all other criteria to comply with the applicable county regulations, for the intended purpose of the segregation. Public purpose segregations may include deeded paths, trails and rights-of-way for public access purposes; if a deeded path, trail or right-of-way traverses a parcel, such path shall be considered an exception to the underlying parcel and shall not be considered a division of the underlying parcel nor subtract from the parcel size for density purpose. (Ord. 95-7 § 1, 1995).

16.08.140 Public road.

The portion of a public right-of-way which provides vehicular circulation or principal means of access to abutting properties. The right-of-way may also include provisions for public utilities, pedestrian walkways, public open space and recreation areas, cut and fill slopes, and drainage. (Ord. 95-7 § 1, 1995).

16.08.141 SEPA.

SEPA means the State Environmental Policy Act, Chapter 43.21C RCW, implemented by Chapter 197-11 WAC, and the Okanogan County SEPA Ordinance. (Ord. 95-7 § 1, 1995).

16.08.143 Shoreline jurisdiction.

Those areas of the county which are subject to the provisions of Chapter 90.58 RCW and Title 18 OCC. (Note: Within areas of shoreline jurisdiction certain SEPA categorical exemptions may not apply). (Ord. 95-7 § 1, 1995).

16.08.145 Short plat.

The map or representation of a short subdivision. (Note: Division of areas into parcels of 20 acres or greater is exempt from subdivision requirements). (Ord. 95-7 § 1, 1995).

16.08.150 Short subdivision.

The division or redivision of land into four or fewer lots, tracts, parcels, sites or divisions for the purpose of sale, lease or transfer of ownership, including any remaining portions of the parent parcel for any lot created through use of OCC 16.04.070(B). (Ord. 95-7 § 1, 1995).

16.08.155 Subdivider.

A person or persons, including a corporation, partnership, or other association, who undertakes to create, alter, or expand a subdivision or short subdivision. (Ord. 95-7 § 1, 1995).

16.08.160 Subdivision.

The division or redivision of land into five or more lots, tracts, parcels, sites or divisions for the purpose of sale, lease or transfer of ownership including any remaining portions of the parent parcel. (Ord. 95-7 § 1, 1995).

16.08.165 Zero point.

The point designated by the county engineer as the point of origin for each road for the purposes of assigning an E-911 address. (Ord. 95-7 § 1, 1995).

16.08.170 Zoning/zoning code.

The zoning code of OCC Title 17A. All regulations of this code are intended to be consistent with the zoning code. In case of conflict, zoning code provisions govern. (Ord. 95-7 § 1, 1995).