Chapter 16.32


16.32.010    Generally.

16.32.020    Monuments.

16.32.030    Minimum street improvements.

16.32.035    Posting of street signs and parcel addresses – Final plats and short plats.

16.32.040    Road plans and specifications.

16.32.050    Maintenance corporation (supplement to OCC 16.32.030).

16.32.060    Surety.

16.32.010 Generally.

The following items set forth in this chapter shall be minimum required improvements of all plats. However, higher development standards may be imposed for the promotion of public health, safety and general welfare, including environmental quality considerations. (Ord. 95-7 § 1, 1995).

16.32.020 Monuments.

Permanent control monuments shall be set at all lot corners, angle points, points of curves in streets and at intermediate points as shall be required by the county road engineer. Monuments shall be set at all lot corners in accordance with the requirements of Chapter 58.09 RCW. (Ord. 95-7 § 1, 1995).

16.32.030 Minimum street improvements.

Minimum street improvements shall be provided in each new short subdivision and subdivision in accordance with Chapter 16.28 OCC and as approved in the short plat or subdivision. (Ord. 95-7 § 1, 1995).

16.32.035 Posting of street signs and parcel addresses – Final plats and short plats.

The applicant shall post parcel addresses in a manner visible from the private road and shall coordinate with the county engineer and post, or provide surety for the posting of, street signs for all private roads that intersect county roads. Road signs shall be designed in accordance with county road sign policy. (Ord. 95-7 § 1, 1995).

16.32.040 Road plans and specifications.

Detailed plans and specifications for road improvements, shall be submitted to the county road engineer. Plans shall be submitted on a 24" by 30" sheet and shall show the road alignment, curve information for each curve and the profile of both the existing ground and the proposed finished roadway. A roadway section shall also be included which shows the roadway width, the ditch section, the cut and fill slopes and the type and depth of the various surfacing courses. (Ord. 95-7 § 1, 1995).

16.32.050 Maintenance corporation (supplement to OCC 16.32.030).

The board of county commissioners, under appropriate circumstances, may require the formation of a maintenance corporation charged with the responsibility of construction and maintenance of the roads and other common facilities in the proposed subdivision. (Ord. 95-7 § 1, 1995).

16.32.060 Surety.

In lieu of the completion of the actual construction of any required improvements prior to the approval of a final plat, the board of county commissioners may accept a bond, in an amount and with surety and conditions satisfactory to the board, or other secure method, providing for and securing to Okanogan County adequate funds for actual construction and installation of such improvements within a time period specified by the board of county commissioners, but not to exceed two years after final plat approval. In addition, bonds or other security may be required by the board of commissioners securing to Okanogan County the successful operation of all improvements for one year after acceptance by the county of the completed plat improvements. (Ord. 95-7 § 1, 1995).