Title 17A


17A.10    General Provisions

17A.20    Definitions

17A.30    Minimum Requirement (MR)

17A.40    Rural 1 (R1)

17A.50    Rural 5 (R5)

17A.60    Rural 20 (R20)

17A.65    Rural 160 (R160)

17A.70    Agriculture (AG)

17A.80    Agricultural Residential (AR)

17A.90    Suburban Residential (SR)

17A.100    Commercial (C)

17A.110    Industrial (IN)

17A.120    Airport Development (AD)

17A.130    Methow Review District (MRD)

17A.140    Rural Residential (RR)

17A.150    Low Density Residential (LDR)

17A.160    Urban Residential (UR)

17A.170    Neighborhood Use (NU)

17A.180    Neighborhood Commercial (NC)

17A.190    Special Review Commercial (SRC)

17A.200    Planned Development (PD)

17A.210    Planned Destination Resort (PDR)

17A.220    District Use Chart

17A.230    Temporary Use Permits

17A.240    Off-Street Parking and Loading

17A.250    Setback Regulations

17A.260    Bed and Breakfasts

17A.270    Nightly Rentals

17A.280    Home Occupations

17A.290    Cannabis Operations

17A.300    Airport Safety

17A.301    Airport Safety Overlay

17A.310    Conditional Use Permits

17A.320    Variances

17A.330    Legal Preexisting Uses and Lots

17A.340    Amendment of Zoning Code

17A.350    Appeals

17A.360    Enforcement

17A.400    Overlays – Water Availability Study Areas