Chapter 1.20

1.20.000    Chapter Contents


1.20.010    Confinement in city jail.

1.20.020    Jail facilities.

1.20.010 Confinement in city jail

A.    Any person hereafter convicted and sentenced to any term in the city jail, or to pay a fine and costs, for violation of any city ordinance, shall, upon willful failure to pay such fine or cost after being given a hearing thereon, be confined in the city jail until such term has been served or such fine and costs have been resolved.

B.    Any such prisoner shall be allowed for his time served in the city jail, to be applied on the payments of such fine and costs, at the rate of ten dollars per day.

(Ord. 4221 §3, 1980; Ord. 3957 §15(k), 1976).

1.20.020 Jail facilities

The following chapters and sections of the Washington Administrative Code which pertain to thirty-day “holding facilities,” as defined therein, which are not classified as advisory, including all future amendments thereto, are adopted by reference pursuant to the requirements of RCW Chapter 70.48, as amended by Chapter 462, Section 17, Laws of 1987:

A.    WAC Chapter 289-02, Introduction and Definitions;

B.    WAC Chapter 289-14, Administration;

C.    WAC Chapter 289-15, Safety;

D.    WAC Chapter 289-16, Operations;

E.    WAC Chapter 289-18, Security;

F.    WAC Chapter 289-19, Prisoner Conduct;

G.    WAC Chapter 289-20, Health and Welfare;

H.    WAC Chapter 289-22, Services and Programs;

I.    WAC Chapter 289-24, Communications.

(Ord. 4855 §1, 1988).