Chapter 2.08

2.08.000    Chapter Contents


2.08.010    Appointment--Powers and duties.

2.08.020    Council interference restricted.

2.08.030    Removal.

2.08.040    Filling vacancy.

2.08.010 Appointment –Powers and duties

The council shall appoint a city manager for an indefinite term or for any term set by the council. The city manager shall be the general supervisor over the administrative affairs of the city, under the direction and authority of the council. The city manager shall have the following specific duties, powers and responsibilities:

A.    To appoint and remove at any time all department heads, officers and employees of the city without interference by councilmembers, subject to any applicable law, rule or regulation relating to civil service or public employment;

B.    To attend all meetings of the city council at which his attendance may be required by that body;

C.    To see that all laws and ordinances are faithfully executed, subject to the authority which the council may grant to the mayor to maintain law and order in times of emergency;

D.    To keep the council fully advised of the city’s financial condition and future needs;

E.    To prepare and submit to the council a proposed budget for the fiscal year, as required by RCW Chapter 35A.33, and to be responsible for its administration upon adoption;

F.    To recommend for adoption by council such measures as he/she may deem necessary and expedient;

G.    To submit reports as required by the council, or as he/she may deem it advisable to submit;

H.    To perform such other duties as the council may determine by ordinance or resolution.

(Ord. 4432 §2(part), 1983).

2.08.020 Council interference restricted

The council, or any of its committees or members, shall not direct the appointment of any person to, or his/her removal from, office by the city manager or any of his/her subordinates. The council and its members shall deal with the administrative service solely through the manager and neither the council nor any committee or member thereof is to give orders to any subordinate of the city manager, either publicly or privately, except for the purpose of inquiry, and as provided in RCW 35A.13.080.

(Ord. 4432 §2(part), 1983).

2.08.030 Removal

The city manager may be removed by a majority vote of the council. The council shall, at least thirty days prior to the effective date of removal, submit to the city manager a formal statement in the form of a resolution passed by a majority of the council stating the council’s intention to remove him/her and the reasons therefor. Upon passage of the resolution, the council, by a majority vote, may suspend him/her from duty. If the city manager responds in writing within thirty days after receipt of the resolution, the council shall schedule a hearing upon the question of the manager’s removal. In the event no reply is timely filed, the resolution shall, upon the thirty first day from the date of such service, constitute the final resolution removing the city manager, and his/her services shall terminate on that day.

(Ord. 4432 §2(part), 1983).

2.08.040 Filling vacancy

The city council may designate a qualified administrative officer to perform the duties of city manager during the absence, disability or suspension of the city manager.

(Ord. 4432 §2(part), 1983).