Chapter 3.22

3.22.000    Chapter Contents


3.22.010    Utility defined.

3.22.020    Established--Powers.

3.22.030    Fund established.

3.22.040    Duty of city not extended.

3.22.010 Utility defined

The following words, when used in this chapter, shall have the following meanings unless the context clearly indicates otherwise: “Utility” means the city storm drainage utility, a utility which operates and maintains the storm water or surface water drains, channels and facilities, outfalls for storm drainage and the rights and interests in property relating to the system.

(Ord. 4613 §1(part), 1985).

3.22.020 Established –Powers

There is established the city storm drainage utility, to be administered and operated by the department of public works. The utility is authorized to exercise all of the lawful powers necessary and appropriate to plan for, finance, acquire, construct, develop, improve, maintain and operate all storm water control facilities acquired after the effective date of the ordinance codified in this chapter, including, without limitation, all the lawful powers to fix, alter, regulate and control the rate, charges and conditions for the use thereof and full power to enter into agreements with other agencies as permitted by law.

(Ord. 4613 §1(part), 1985).

3.22.030 Fund established

A.    There is created a fund which shall be known as the storm drainage utility fund. All revenues, assessments, and other charges collected by the utility, or otherwise received for drainage purposes or attributable to the operation and maintenance of the utility, and all loans to or grants or funds received for its construction, improvement and operation, shall be deposited in the utility fund. All disbursements for costs of data collection, planning, designing, constructing, acquiring, maintaining, operating and improving the drainage utility facilities, whether such facilities are natural, constructed or both, and administering the utility shall be made from the storm drainage utility fund.

B.    The city may create, at such time or times as it deems appropriate, any other funds necessary for the administration of the utility and may designate the revenues to be placed therein and the purpose or purposes of such funds which may be the same as or similar to the purposes designated in this section for the utility fund created in this section, and such purposes shall then be transferred to such newly created fund.

(Ord. 4613 §1(part), 1985).

3.22.040 Duty of city not extended

Nothing in this chapter shall be construed to create a duty on the part of the city or the utility to insure or protect individual persons or property against water drainage not otherwise imposed by law.

(Ord. 4613 §1(part), 1985).