Chapter 5.17

5.17.000    Chapter Contents


5.17.010    License required--Fee.

5.17.020    Community event defined.

5.17.030    Exemption from taxes and regulations.

5.17.040    License application.

5.17.010 License required –Fee

No person, firm or organization shall conduct or sponsor a community event within the city without having first procured a license therefor from the city finance director. The fee for such license shall be fifty dollars for each event.

(Ord. 4523 §1(part), 1984).

5.17.020 Community event defined

For purposes of this chapter, the term “community event” means and includes any festival, celebration, fair or other similar event held in the city with local participation and sponsorship, which event is open to the public and does not exceed seven days in duration during any calendar year.

(Ord. 4523 §1(part), 1984).

5.17.030 Exemption from taxes and regulations

All activities including, but not limited to, concessions, food counters, booths for the sale of crafts, memorabilia, souvenirs or other similar items, carnivals, demonstrations or public shows held as part of a community event licensed pursuant to this chapter, which event is sponsored by a nonprofit organization shall be exempt from all licenses, taxes, fees and regulations of Title 5 of this code for the duration of said event. Provided, that amusement devices, as defined in Chapter 5.12 of this code shall not be eligible for exemption hereunder. The term “sponsored” shall, in the case of carnivals, have the same meaning as that term has in Section 3.32.020 of this code, as amended.

(Ord. 4523 §1(part), 1984).

5.17.040 License application

Each sponsor of a community event shall make application for a community event license on a form provided by the city finance office. In addition, at least fifteen days prior to the start of the community event, the sponsor shall submit a list of all organizations involved in revenue generating activities which are a part of the event. Only those activities and organizations which are included on said list shall qualify for the tax, fee and license exemption provided by this chapter; provided, that nothing in this chapter prohibits a person or organization not included in said list(s) from conducting business during any such event so long as they comply with this title.

(Ord. 4523 §1(part), 1984).